Need Fixed Blade Help -- Chris Reeve Green Beret Clone?

Oct 11, 2004
I am looking for a good solid all-round fixed blade. It looks like the Chris Reeve Green Beret is what I am looking for. I personally like handle and blade shape, but not the price tag. ~$300 is a little over my spending limit. I was hoping there might be a knife similar to size to the green beret. I would like the blade shape and the handle shape similar, but I wouldn't mind different materials, as long as the knife does not fall apart on me. Anyone know something similar?
How about a ka-bar?

I have a Kabar D2 Extrme fighter and I like (love) it. It's tough, I don't think it will let you down, I'm pretty sure it'll cut anything you'll ever need it to. I got the Eagle sheath, which is very nice, the pics don't do the sheath justice, it's much, much better than the kydex or leather in my opinion. Mine was about $100 w/Eagle sheath, from Tomars Kabars (great guy!). Maybe you'd like a TOPS. Their knives look kinda like the Green Beret, all tactical and everything. Maybe a Becker; fighting bowie, I think it is? would be good for you. Cold Steel SRK maybe? I like the Kabar (esp. D2 Extreme fighter & Eagle sheath) the best of all these, maybe even more than the CRK Green Beret. It may not be as sharp or ergonomic, but at least you'll be able to use the knife without worrying about messing up or god forbid scratching your $500 knife.
Buck Nighthawk .It's not in spearpoint, but it was designed for military use.