Need help, looking for info on Becker knives

Mar 19, 1999
My friend in SF was issued a knife made by Becker Knives. It looks like a modified Khukri. I can e-mail a scan to anyone who wants to see it.

On one side of the blade it sayd Becker on the other side it says BK&T Cincinnati.

The knive is about 15" overall with a blade about 10". Black coated blade and what appears to be black Micarta scales.

My buddy tried to check out where they were purchased, but has run into dead ends so far. Apparently, they either can't get anymore or they can't find them.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Camillus recently announced that they will be re-introducing the most popular BK&T models. You may want to search their forum for details.



I remember them but can't pinpoint a date.
At a guess, I would say late 80s-very early 90s.

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Thanks for the info!

Paranoia is only smart thinking
when everyone is out to get you.


The knife is the brain child of Ethan Becker. If you check over in the Camillus forum, Ethan is over there. He's gone for awhile, but he'll be back to answer questions. Sounds like he has one of pre-Blackjack knives versions. BJ made the Beckers before they went belly up. It's a heck of a knife!

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