Need Help on my Kershaw-Onion Ricochet

Oct 10, 1999
Ok, I just got my Ricochet but I have a problem with it. It is so damn hard to open! I have to push on the thumbstud a great deal to get it to activate. That thumbstud also is not user friendly. I have to stop trying after awhile so I can rest my thumb after getting tore up by the stud. I tried to loosen the screws on blade but that didn't do much but move the blade close to the edge of the handle to where is brushes the side of the interior of the handle on closing. Is there a trick I don't know about with these things? It's a lot harder to open than the Blackout display model I messed with. Ken? Are you out there? What can I do? BTW, other than the difficulty of opening, I love it. Great design.

Ben Lee
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You need to "break it in." Undoubtedly the display model had been used quite a bit. Over time yours will be just the way you like it. I have a mini-task that is still pretty tight, because I just didn't open super often. The Random Task that I've carried almost daily for about 6 months fires just great.

Is your thumbstud the older design with the angled ramps and the harsh checkering? Both my knives have a cylindrical thumbstud with fairly ligt checkering.


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I have the Ricochet and it came out of the box with the same ease of opening as the sample you played with in the store did. I did not have to "work it in" like UW Mitch mentioned in his post. If you bought it from a local vendor I suggest taking it back and asking to play with another model. See if there is variability in performance between the models. Also, try using a few drops of Tuff Glide to lubricate the joint. Let me know what you find.


I had a similar problem until I realized that I needed to push more up than out on the stud. Mine has also gotten smoother with use. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Mitch, I have the cylindrical stud with some very sharp checkering. I can't play with it much because my thumb gets sore from the checkering. After a word war with 1SKS, I THINK I'm getting my bottle of White Lightning. Maybe that will change the situation a little. I can get it to open correct most of the time, it's just a lot of work. I bought the Wegner the same day so it's hard to carry the Ricochet when it is so hard to use.

Ben Lee
AOL IM: MSURifleman
Up and Out, kinda like what was just said, I almost got blisters from mine, till I learned that My other knifes I go out, but this needs UP, and SNAP, it goes just right each time, ( i even tightened up the pivot screw, since I loosened it earlier to help, and it didnt) just modify the technique of opening friend) and one more thing, dont get spoiled, I have a cut thumb cause I opened a regular liner lock that way, thumb followed blade till it sliced,, OUCH
Ben Lee,
I really can't say what the trouble is without kicking the tires myself. I do know however that some guys seem to have trouble opening these knives simply because they are so used to swinging the blade arround like a standard liner lock where with the speed safe you only need to push forward slightly on a linear plane with the handle .
Place half of your thumb on the handle under the thumb stud and the other half of your thumb on the stud and flick your thumb straight forward on the same plane as the knife handle. The knife should open effortlessly, if not keep trying,there is a little learning curve to speed safe.If it remains to damn hard to open maybe you need to send it back to Kershaw and ask for a softer opening one.
Oh and as for the thumb stud, sorry ! in a week you'l develop an Onion skin on your thumb you can extinguish cigarettes with to the envy of all your friends.

With a little patience and practice you'll be a pro.

Like UW Mitch said , they get better with age.
Aloha!!! Ken Onion