Need ideas to test the Cold Steel warhammer

Aug 15, 2000
I ordered the Cold Steel warhammer, and I though, hey, wouldn't it be fun to beat the crap out of that thing, and let everyone else know how much fun I had
. Then I thought, well, it's not a knife, and I know how to test those, but how do I test a hammer?
So, what I'd like to know is what you guys would like me to do it in order to see how it chops, er, um, hammers that is.
What I was going to do is to see how it holds up against a 2x4 and a cinderblock or two, and then maybe a couple bricks or some rocks. thanks....

Well, how about beating up an old paint can or somethhing liek that with a giant melon stuffed inside? Then you'd get an idea of the penetrating capacity of the spike and how much blunt force trauma the hammer could cause.

"Come What May..."
see if the department of corrections will let you test one on a death row inmate
smile.gif ...just kidding....seriously you might see if the local slaughter house will let you let them use it in the killing process....many places still use the ol hammer to the head for killing the animals before they are bled and cut up for our consumption....just a thought for the live targets.....for the inanimate ones you might see how much steel plate the spike will penetrate or how it does on cinder blocks or what it does to two by fours or see what it will do to a current issue kevlar helmet....just some thoughts....feverdoc
steel drums, plastic drums, green and dry woods, concrete blocks, watermelon, plywood. Just a few off the top of my head.

Paul, did you just volunteer the top of your head as a test medium ?

I immediately wanted it upon seeing it, but then that is how I feel about way too much steel and micarta and leather and kydex and you get the picture.

I see this is potentialy the biggest deterent to over the top road rage that inadvertently winds up with Jackass 1 killing Jackass 2 at a stop light for a fenderbender. I figure that the hammer thru both headlights and the spike being used as a can-opener on the hood would dissuade most folks from getting out and possibly being involved in a
truly violent altercation

I would like to know, were you to indulge me here and take this thing to the junkyard, if you can indeed make multiple holes in the hood or roof of an auto, as well as using either end to destroy the glass bits mercilessly. Sorta like a modern day beserker.

In any event, you would have a lot of fun and likely see how hard the medieval weapons were to use well.

(In case anyone is wondering, the above is a suggested test of durability, not endorsment of shredding another person's multithousand dollar automobile with them about)

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hey, u can always use my car. its an old ford pos...maybe then i can claim that it got into an "accident" and get insurance money?? hey, it could
I'm thinking something out of a Gallagher routine... see how far you can squirt melon seeds and juice. Yeah.... that's it.
Thanks for the comments.\

As of right now, my plans are to beat a number of small (5gal) metal drums into submission and destroy a couple 2x4s. As for the melon thing, well, let me just say that I ain't Galagher.

On the subject of death row inmates. Why not just put `em out in the yard like WI did with Geff Dalmer and let the cons take care of it?