Need Randall Info

Oct 27, 2006
Hi Guys,
You won't find me here in this forum very often, as I mostly collect factory made folders. But I got a good buy (at least I think so... $250) on this Randall, and have realized what all the mystique is about. It is a beautiful knife. I am wondering when it was made. It does not have a real Pommel, but a plate perfectly mated to the end of the stag handle. Three black spacers.
Thanks in advance,

$250 is a STEAL..... easily a $500 EBAY knife.

It was made after 1995 based on the snaps on the sheath.

Nicely dressed knife..... congrats!

Welcome to the Randall addiction.........
Go to When you get on their web site, you can order their free catalog. They will also send you a price list. Their catalog shows you all the options available for each specific model they sell.
You should be ashamed of yourself for stealing that knife for $250, LOL!
About 15 years ago that knife was around $250 with the leather spacers handle, the stag grips would cost more. If there is the letter "S" next to the Randall Made logo (on the blade), its the stainless steel blade, which is also more expensive. Hope this helps.:)
Thanks, Guys,
My next question was what the 'S' meant. Just by examining the blade, I thought it was stainless. The Randall site is interesting. How long a wait for one of these things!?! OMG. Thanks for the date info, tunefink.

I found the knife in an antique store. All the knives were way, way overpriced, as so often is in those places. Like old Imperial and Ulster folders for $60. But I have so often heard of Randalls, and the prices they fetch, that I thought it was a good deal. I try to make every knife aquisition a learning experience, and so I do appreciate your input.

Another question, if I may. Is Randall considered a handmade knife? Do they employ many people in thier Orlando operation? I visit the city often, can people go inside, like do they have a showroom?

Many thanks,
Randall is considered a hand made knife. And, yes you can go to their knife shop in Orlando. When you get their sent catalog, it'll give you all that information.
The first train robbery in the US was pulled by Jesse James about 70 miles west of Des Moines way long ago. But this buy you made is the best "job" I've seen pulled this year. What a deal! You've got a real gem there, Pam. Don't ever let anybody talk you out of it or bs you on what it is or ain't. Lot's of collectors would put up a pretty good fight to get that for $250. And for God's sake don't leave it laying around just anywhere. You'll never see it again.