Need suggestions for a knife to use while at sea?

Mar 14, 1999
My future son-in-law is in the Merchant Marine Academy and will be going to sea for a few months. Right now he carries a Delica I gave him, but I think he could probably use something more substantial or more "job specific". Any suggestions from the Forums would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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If he is prone to seasickness I'd offer him something suitable for hara-kiri. OTOH, he'd probably be fine with a folding knife tough enough to cut at least a 3 inch mooring line with as little effort as possible. In the marine environment I think one hand opening is an absolute must as he might be hanging on to something with the other hand. The toughest Spyderco he could find would be a good choice.

This topic as far as corrosion resistance and all that just came up recently as well, and you might want to take a look into the archives.

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I'm a retired naval officer and am aware of the ravages of the salt sea environment. There have been some tremendous advances in materials in recent years including some with phenomenal edge holding characteristics coupled with total corrosion resistance. I'm referring to Talonite which is a cobalt alloy. Check and take a look at his Signature Series. You can get your future son-in-law a very function short fixed blade for as little as $200 with the aforementioned characteristics.

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How much are you willing to spend and fixed or folder.

The above suggestion are great. Check out Mission Knives as well. Titanium blades hold up really well under maritime conditions.

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Well... here's a shot in the dark.

How about a Spyderco Mariner?

It's about as job specific as you can get in a knife!

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I wasn't sure how much I'd be spending. Probably not over $100 (he's not my son-in-law "yet"). My first thoughts were the Mariner or Harpy too. I don't like the Mariners all stainless handle though and wondered if the Harpy blade was really useful. I like to get input from others that know. I don't spend much time on the water. Yea, I know, I'm in Florida. But I'm a landlubber.

And thanks Mike, I thought about Mission Knives and Titanium too! How well does it sharpen by the way? Glad to see your up and around!

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OK, how about the C14Bk, the Rescue model?
It's the Zytel variation of the Mariner.
A sheepsfoot blade can be real handy on a boat that is rolling on the waves.
Sorry, I'll be getting a Harpy this week and can't help with that one yet.
Good Luck with the search!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I carry a small gerber 200 and/or 400 folders. They do not get "scarry sharp" but have a little "tooth" to the edge if you stop short of using a really fine grit diamond stone. Cuts well but probibly not as well as a toothy spyderco on lines. He'll need somthing to cut small lines and 3 to 4" or larger mooring ropes. Fixed blade would be my choice now, a kydex sheath in the right place is probibly faster in an emergency but to each his own.


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Boye Dendritic Cobalt (cast stellite) knives retail in the plain vanilla version for $129.

That seems to be in the ballpark and is impervious to saltwater corrosion.

They come highly recommended. It would be my choice for that environment in the price range stated.


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I have to second Blues. The Cobalt Boye would be my choice. I`d be real concerned about corrosion around salt water. Until Spyderco starts using dendritic cobalt (and there has been noises about this!), I`d stick to a Boye.

P.S. I been carrying a Boye now for a couple of months now, and I`m really happy with it.