Need suggestions!! Help!!

Dec 15, 1999
I'm fairly new to the world of locking blades. Can someone please give me a few suggestions. I'm looking for a tactical liner-lock with one hand quick operation. Price range 30$-75$
But if you can squeeze another $20.00 out of your budget the Benchmade Mel Pardue Axis Lock is awsome, my current favorite in production folders.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA

I agree with the above posts, but, I'll add that Outdoor Edge Impulse is great.
Kershaw's Whirlwind is really big bang for the buck!
Cold Steel's Scimitar is in the given price range and is a tactical type with a Middle Eastern flair.
Having said all that, let me just add that
stjames is right about the Axis Lock.
Save your money. The knife ROCKS!
All of the mentioned knives will fill the bill and are worth the money.
Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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Thanks I'll keep those suggestions in mind with my purchase
Spyderco has a limited selection of Liner Locks, but the ones they produce have loyal followings. The Military and the now discontinued Wenger models. I don't own, so will not comment, on the pieces.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA

I'm sorry, I should've been more specific. I meant any Spyderco reccomedations(doenst need liner-lock). How about an Endura stainless steel model? I was checking those out and I thought they were pretty cool. Any opinions on them?

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In that price range (about $50), I recommend the Spyderco Endura. Not the steel handled model, but rather the C10 Endura '98. Better steel than the Endura II you're thinking about getting, and a more secure handle, not to mention the easily reversible left-or-right clip.

The CRKT Kit Carson M-16's are also pretty nice.

David Rock

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I'll voice my support for the CRKT Carsons. The M16-04 large tanto flipper is a great knife for the money....more cut for your buck
Packed with features and performance for only about $80 retail. Can't go wrong with any of the other Carsons either.

Dexter Ewing
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Cant go wrong with the Endura's...SS or Zytel, I love em both. But I agree with Dexter...Try the CRKT M16's, you can get one for less than $50 and they just have a really cool factor to them! very well made and lock up sucurely.

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Originally posted by serator:
I'm sorry, I should've been more specific. I meant any Spyderco reccomedations(doenst need liner-lock).
if you are looking for a good spyderco knife you could go for either a starmate(liner lock) or a police model (rocker-bar)
the starmate is a new design and is made out of 440 steel
however personally the police model is still my favourite model in spyderco's folder range. it is ultra-smooth to open up with the hold-the-hole-and-swing method which i find is the fastest deploying can't go very wrong with this knife
Don't overlook the mighty Delica! This is my favorite folder of all those that I have owned (which isn't many). I actually got my first one by mistake! I wanted an Endura for Christmas but I put Delica on my list instead. I was a little disapointed when I opened it up, but after using it for a while it became my favorite daily carry. It is a much more useful and comfortable knife than its small size hints at and has served me well for anything that I have needed to do with it. Last summer, I used it at my job as a sort of handyman/lawn mower/landscaper for everything from cutting plastic landscaping sheets to lay around trees to cutting off the grass that got wadded up around the weed-eater. That knife held an edge and never was it too small for the job. Please, DON"T overlook this little gem, its looks are decieving!

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What about a CS voyager Tanto point. Excellent knife as well as utility. I've been accused of being a "CS freak" but I'm not. If you don't like plastic handles, however, I definatly believe that the CRTK Kit Carsons are damn fine knives for the money. CS is definetly underated and underrepresented here in the forums. For something a tad more, get the Boker Brend tactical folder, great knife!!

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Another excellent underdog is the Buck oddesy. You can get one for an excellent price w/ ATS 34 steel, G10 scales, and very smooth opening. All for a very low price.