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Neeley lock Timberlines - hate 'em!

Mar 20, 1999
Well, word got around to the police officers who do security where I work that I am a knife nut and I have been asked to sharpen a knife or two. The most recent item with which to hone my skill as a knife sharpener was a Timberline Police Model folder. The one's with the "Neeley Lock." They should call these things "nearly locks."

I had just finished sharpening the dang thing and was cleaning the considerable amount of pocket crud from the pivot area when I had a brainstorm...."Why not just flush it out with hot water?!? Then shake it dry like you do all your other knives!" As I was walking to the kitchen I yelled at Mrs. 4th, "Hey hon, did you see this knife? I don't think I like the lock design, seems kinda "iffy" to me. The blade sure took an edge well though."

I finished washing the knife with hot soapy water and started to shake it dry. First shake and <h1>BAM!</h1> the blade went forward, the lock disengaged, and the knife closed on my middle finger just below the nail. I felt a sharp bite and looked down to see blood all over the counter, floor, knife, and me. To shorten the lunatic ravings just a bit, here is the end result.
<center><img src=http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=33630&a=208307&p=14580709&Sequence=0></center>
ouch!!!Whoa dude you really know how to sharpen a knife.Look on the bright side ,a lot of women find scars sexy.Take care of that finger.
"Nearly locks" LOL, thats a classic. I bought one of those years ago. I tried to use it at work once where I cut a lot of boxes. Half the time it would get hung up, when I would make a pull cut, the blade would go forward and the lock would let go. I never used it again. The lock is kinda cool for a novelty item, but not much else. Sorry you cut your finger, but glad to see it was not any worse than it was. Merry Christmas.

Gee... Joel, you have better be careful! That picture sent shivers up my spine, geez...

Been through a lot of clean cuts like that one before, though I never really went as far as having them stitched up like that.. brrrr!

Sorry to hear about your mishap. Hope it heals up well..

The Timberline was my first one hand folder, I got ripped off but no Spyderco knives were around.

It is sharp, takes a decent edge, the lock never failed me. But the opening was stiff and it was not truly ambidexterous, I even asked a left handed friend to try it and he agreed.


Ohhh thats a tiny Cut!!!!! Lmao

Funny how they dont Hurt Right away isnt it?

hope ya get better quick,,an dont Fling Knives around anymore..lmao

Looks like they did a good job with the Sutures.

Take Care,
Allen Blade
I have a timberlite. What a POS. Thankfully, I didn't buy it. I found it in the back of my SUV. I think some teen probably left it there from a camping trip last summer.

For a supposedly "one hander," it was hard as hell to open. And, NO, I would not trust that lock. If the blade gets caught on drawcut, the lock can be disengaged.

Did you do those stitches yourself, or Mrs. 4th.


AKTI #A000356
I'm not complaining about the SIZE of the cut, I've had bigger one's too. I'm just ticked that I got cut at all!

I would have done the stitching myself, but the cut is on my right hand and I am right handed.

As far as my wife sewing it...... I would have had to take her to the doc after she passed out and hit her head.
Reminds me of the first hunting knife I ever made. The first of 8 scars on my hands.

Hope it heals quick.

Merry Christmas!

Jones Knives
It is a shame that you had to pay the price because someone else decided to purchase an unreliable knife. I hope the gentleman learned a valuable lesson, although it was at your expense. If he is smart he will run, not walk, and buy a decent knife.

I also hope it heals quickly.

Dennis Bible
I'm trying to get the cops to buy them from me! (Didn't think I'd have to use myself as the selling tool though.)

You should have seen the stitched put into my forearm a few years ago. THAT was a nice job. Prettiest reverse mattress job you've ever seen! You have to look hard to find the scar.
I purchased three differet sizes of these knives some time ago. I think it was from Smokey Mountain. They were really cheap, I didn't know how cheap and what a price of trash. The lock is terrible. Every piece of crud gets into the lock making it hard to open and close as well as not setting properly in either position. Sometimes, getting a deal is anything but!

Just getting over a cut myself. Hope yours heals well. Take care.

Does Timberline still make these? Has anyone thought to contact Timberline about the problem and potential liability issue?

Dennis Bible
I've got this here idea for a sheath with decorative stitching on it and I was wondering if you could put me in touch with your stitcher?

Sorry...... heal quick.

Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult
Hey IV, great job(s) on both the knife and finger! Thanks for the info on the POS. I will pass it on to the troops. More reason to spend a few extra bucks on a Spyderco or better yet a Sebenza! Merry Christmas! Heal fast! III

"Hi, I'm Fish, and I'm a Sebenzaholic..."

I too, was once intrigued by the Nealy-lock concept. In a nutshell:
"I came, I saw, I barfed!" What a crappy lock design! I hope Timberline's liability insurance policy is well-funded. Can you spell r-e-c-a-l-l? I'm surprised that you haven't forwarded your medical bill(s) to T-line due to their design incompetance with this "knife". Any other horror stories out there?
-Redleg out.

"Blessed is the Lord my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle..." excerpted from Psalms 144.
probably a good idea. At the very least they may recall the POS and save someone else some pain and suffering.

Dennis Bible