Neil Blackwood Small Hunter

Aug 25, 1999
Since I just received the knife today, this will have to be a "first impressions" review. The Small Hunter is a beautiful knife made by Neil Blackwood (Dr.Lathe) of Blackwood knives. The steel is D2, the scales are black micarta with black and white spacers. Neil's astounding filework is on the spine. I purchased a Small Game from Neil last year, and was so impressed that I knew I had to have more of his incredible knives. For me, this knife is the perfect size for a working hunter. The scales are finished correctly; matching grain is evident on the two sides, no unsightly gaps of deviations of form. The tang is tapered, which Neil does perfectly. The combination of the tapered tang and excellent shaping of the scales gives this knife incredible in-hand feel. There is also an index finger cut-out, which is exactly where the balance point of the knife is. Perfect! His BF title of Dr.Lathe is well earned. The grinding of this knife has to be seen to be believed. Interesting note; while Neil was making the knife, I asked him to price up another of his hunter models for me, this time with spacers between the D2 and the micarta. Neil gave me the quote, then a couple weeks later sent me an email saying the knife was almost done, and that he hoped I'd like the little "extra touch" he'd added to the scales. Sure enough, when the knife arrived there were black and white spacers! What a great guy! Here's a pic of the knife:
and here's one showing the tapered tang, spacers and filework:
If you haven't checked out Neil's work yet, go to his site at
He's an awesome guy to talk to and do business with, and IMHO his knives are at the top of the quality scale. Prices are EXTREMELY competitive, and turnaround time is very quick. Neil makes his hunters from a hunter's perspective; he knows exactly what they should be. He now has some new models which are sure to be a hit with knife knuts everywhere. When you go to his site you'll see what I mean. There's something there for every taste, and you can count on the quality and customer service which have become Blackwood hallmarks. Well done, Neil, and thank you!


My Knives:
Not only do I GREATLY appreciate this review, I appreciate how busy you have been today putting it together with the scans and everything!
Your Small Hunter is identical, at least in materials, and shape to one that belongs to a good customer of mine here in FL. With his help, I will be doing a story/review of this knife for my website. In two years, it's seen a lifetime of hunting for most people. It has processed, at last count over 40 critters including several hogs. The knife has many signs of use but is still going strong with only minor touch ups with a ceramic rod. However.... the leather sheath is going to be replaced by a Kydex one. The only reason for this is that the leather one now.........STINKS, literally

I hope your knife sees lots of action and has many oportunities to perform. You wanted a user so go ahead and get some "beauty marks" on it!
Again, thanks Paul,

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