Nemo, Fred Perrin and My Trip To Paris


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Oct 2, 1998
So, you guys all thought you were rid of me. Not that simple after all!

I have just returned from two weeks in Paris during which time I (and my wife) had the honor of spending a considerable amount of time with our good friends Jean-Manuel Moreau (Nemo) and knifemaker Fred Perrin.

I'd like to start out by saying that two finer gentlemen would be hard to find, and that I am proud to count them amongst my closest friends.

For his birthday, Nemo was presented with a Spyderco Tim Wegner Jr. which has passed his careful scrutiny and become his daily carry. I think I'll let him sing its praises, as I believe he may have started a thread on it elsewhere in these forums.

Fred was given a REKAT Utility Fang as a small token of appreciation and he has wasted no time putting a strong paracord grip on it which infinitely improved the security of the handle.

Nemo, myself and my wife visited Fred Perrin's workshop (dungeon? laboratory?
)and were treated to watching the "master" at work. Fred was even kind enough to make a piece of jewelry for my wife while we watched. Inspiring stuff.
Watching Fred in his element is a joy, as one can easily see the passion he brings to his knives and his art. (As an aside, there is an excellent ten page article about Fred, his knives and his martial arts in the May/June issue of SecuriMag, a European magazine geared to law enforcement, security and related trades.)

Okay, so I won't bore you bloodthirsty knife types with details of our visits to castles and fine eating and drinking establishments, but will cut to the chase.

What knives did I get, you ask?

Well, as it turns out, I did quite well.

Firstly, Fred presented us with a small blade as a gift (I don't know what to call it, but it will make a great box and letter opener for our home).

More interesting though are two knives I picked for myself. One is the "Tribal Griffe" which can be seen on the Christmas section of
This is a very unique and beautiful piece. It is a flat ground "Griffe", hand forged by Fred, with a "hammered" finish and brass pieces filling the holes of what would otherwise be a skeletonized handle.
I am proud to own this one of a kind version of La Griffe, Fred's signature knife.

I also picked up a small fixed blade called a "Subway Bowie" by Fred, and since christened the "Metro" by me in honor of the Parisian subway system I spent so much time on. This blade is just as described. Approximately two and a half inches of useful edge (about 5.5 inches overall)shaped like a beautiful little "Bowie" including a nicely done false edge. I believe the steel used for this knife was called XC 100 or something close, and I am sure Nemo can correct me if I am wrong. The Metro has a beautiful Black/Green polished G-10 handle which is as functional as it is handsome.

I like to carry the Metro in my right front pocket while the Tribal Griffe rides shotgun around my neck on a cord or chain. Both knives feature excellent kydex sheathes made for each knife individually by Fred.

I returned to Fred a Griffe provided by him to Hilton Yam for review and which Hilton found wanting in some areas. I have resharpened it, and Fred is going to give it to Michael Janich for review so that we may have another perspective. (Fred is always interested in making sure he fashions his knives as well as he is able, including testing his heat treat along with his edges and designs.) Look for an upcoming perspective in the near future.

JM honored me by presenting me with his very own "Mr. Worf", a Schrade Sharpfinger he has carried himself for a good while, and which has been reground and fitted with a kydex sheath by Fred. I will treasure it always.

Finally, I couldn't resist buying a Douk-Douk as reviewed on Fred's own website. ( ) As nice a forged carbon steel knife as ten dollars (60 Francs)will buy, I suspect. It will serve as a nice memento of my trip to Paris as well.

So, there you have it. The short version of your roving reporter's trip to Paris. (Oh, and by the way, the food and drink were equally good!!!)

Au Revoir,


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Thanks for "Rubbing it in"....
....Sounds like you had a fun trip. Glad you made it back safely.


Thank you for the kind thoughts.


Live Free or Die

Welcome back, Blues! We missed ya. And thanks for the report. If you could post your newly acquired treasures, we'd be grateful.

I would very much like to have observed Fred in action. It must have been quite a sight/site. I've only known Nemo through correspondences, but he is a gentleman and a professional with creative fire. I envy that you've gotten to meet them in person.


Welcome back! BUT... What about the food and wine? Surely you gave the local eateries (not the tourist places) a go?



Catering, Gifts, Flowers
Send your wife/girlfriend
something from us and she won't
be mad when you tell her you just
bought ANOTHER $400 knife!!

The food and wine were outstanding.
Thanks to JM and my cousin Jean-Claude, I never lacked for interesting places to dine or imbibe.
I'll be going back......sooner, rather than later.


Live Free or Die