Nevada knife laws?

Oct 3, 1998
Hi All,

I'm going to Las Vagas this comming weekend (wish me luck!) and I was wondering what the knife laws are there. Hopefully I'll need to protect my LARGE winnings

I was planning on carying my Mini Socom or my Boker/Nealy fixed blade.

Thanks in advance,


Chris DeGeorge
DeGeorge Trading Co. , Ph 1-508-864-4657
Nevada is a strange state with respect to knife laws. Personally when I go there to visit my brother I won't carry anything over 31/2" as far as folders go, and I wouldn't even think of entering a casino with a fixed blade on my person, the security there is absolutely unforgiving.

Anyway, I'm not sure of actual law, but be careful, and stay sharp.

Hi Chris!
I've lived in the Reno-Sparks, Nevada area since 1972, and my wife is an officer for Reno PD.
There are no restrictions on folders, or fixed blades, other than concealed, but they do frown on carry of fixed blades in public. No law against it, but no use in making waves by carrying one.The laws say no auto or switchblades of any length, or knife buckle knives of any sort.
In other words, you can carry a folder with a clip, or on a belt sheath, and not cause any excitement. I always have one on my belt, and have been in all the casinos, as some of the gun and knife shows are at casinos like the Reno Hilton.
My wife says that officers and security guards just frown on the carry of fixed blades, as might tend to invite trouble.
Hope this helps.