New Benchmade Care.


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Oct 5, 1998
Check this link out if you have a new BM you'd like to know how to "slick up". -AR

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That whole particle thing is wierd man.. I thought all benchmades had the nylatron washers. Gee I guess I'll have to buy more and void the warranty... oh well

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Wow. This guy has had some problems.

A couple of dozen BMs have come out of the box and been fine for me. They typically need a tweak on the pivot screw, but this is like complaining that GM didn't set the seat in your new car to be exactly correct for you. The pivot is a personal thing and I expect to have to tweak it. New BMs typically also need a drop of oil on the pivot. I also understand this. If they oiled it at the factory, the oil might run out during shipping and storage and stain the box and upset people.

But, I've never seen any of the other screws come out or be loose or need any loctite or anything. And I've never seen any metal particles come out when I've cleaned mine out.

I have a fair amount of experience taking apart Benchmades and I agree with you on several points. First, definitely pick from several if possible because quality varies widely. Second, I have yet to meet one that didn't improve after a quick takedown and a little tweaking. Stupid warranty...

Anyhow, I think I have the answer to your "brass particles" question. Benchmade lubricates their pivot area with what seems to be a graphite-like paste that probably has several components. If you take a new Benchmade apart you will often see it smeared lightly across the smooth G-10 of the pivot area, appearing like tiny metal particles. They can have a brassy hue. One of the first things I do is clean this gunk out and replace it witha teflon-containing liquid. The BM lubricant is good for not attracting dirt and holding up over time, but lubricants like Rem Oil give slicker performance if you plan on cleaning and lubing frequently.

I figure you're washing particles from this lubricant out with your Rem Oil. Hope this helps.


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