New Benchmades have hit the street

Jun 22, 1999
Stopped over at my local knife shop (Nordic Knives) and saw the 705SBT Axis lock... the first production version 705 I've ever seen.

I guess BM's estimate of August delivery was on the mark.

Sorry.. I didn't check out the other models. An empty pocketbook (just paid kid's college tuition) would've made me cry to hold them

I'll revisit them after my next paycheck
Oboy! I've had an order in with my local dealer for a few weeks now. I can't wait to get my hands on a 705BT!

Thanks for letting us know!

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I am not to keen on the Pardue Axis-Lock because quite frankly I dislike the blade and handle shape, but I am getting excited about the new "Dark Star" series (isn't that the name of these things?) and of course the smaller McHenry & Williams designed Axis.


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