New Custom Knife set by Jens Anso, w/pics.

Nov 12, 1999
Hi all,
I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding the two new additions
to my collection that Jens Anso
created for me. Before I launch into detailed descriptions that many of you
might not be interested in reading, let me just say first and foremost, that Jens was incredibly accommodating, informative, and a real pleasure to deal with.
We have corresponded since last November, and during that time he has gently
educated me on what could or could not be feasibly done in the production of this knife set. His spirit of cooperation is outstanding, and his attention to detail is so incredible that I would most heartily recommend him to any of you without any reservations what so ever. That, being now said, I'll give my impressions of the knives rather than their maker.

I had wanted a Custom Knife that incorporates many of the features that I
admire most, such as Mammoth Ivory, Stainless Steel Damascus, a Tapered Tang, Mosaic Pins and Vine Pattern File Work. Jens blended these raw components into a knife that looked and sounded so enticing that I opted for a semi matched set of them! Initially Jens had planned to finish the Stainless Steel Damasteel (Rose Pattern) Sheepsfoot blades with a Flat Grind (like my Ambonia Drop Point). After getting a new grinder for Christmas
, he suggested making it with a Hollow Grind, and then produced a new drawing that illustrated the change. The blades turned out most beautifully, with great grind lines. As is his norm, Jens put on a fine edge to finish the blades. I appreciate the smaller knife in particular, as it seems so proportional and....OK, I'll admit it, IT IS CUTE!

We decided to use a chunk of Mammoth Ivory that was exactly what I wanted as far as the color was concerned, namely, a creamy, aged looking piece with excellent grain patterns. In retrospect, I would have left the scales a bit thicker, but that is purely a personal preference. The dovetailed
Bolsters were made of the same SS Damasteel(Rose pattern), with four 2 mm Titanium Pins attaching them. Jens made the Mosaic Pins himself, from 6 mm Titanium tubing, with interior Brass and Titanium pins. He also used Titanium tubing for the Lanyard hole.

I had asked Jens to file work the entire knife in a "Vine Pattern". Although he had not done that before, he was more than willing to give it a try. I sent him a few pictures and he made a few trial runs on scrap metal while perfecting his technique. His file work absolutely exceeded my expectations by a vast margin! I think the finished product speaks for itself, and one
would never know that he had not been doing it for years. Jens also stamped my initials in a nice obscure place below the bolsters. I requested this personalization with no sense of trepidation, as I will never part with this set, and am thus, unconcerned about impeding any potential resale value

To compliment these upgraded knives, we decided upon Frog skin and "half tanned" leather sheaths. Jens used the wet mold process and produced outstanding sheaths that fit the knives like the "proverbial gloves" that we always hear about. As a surprise, Jens threw in a high quality braided leather lanyard thong, with a matching piece Mammoth Ivory as a tensioner.
This was an unexpected and very thoughtful bonus! It reminds me of the old adage... UNDER promise and OVER deliver. I suppose it is silly, but that one feature jumps out at me every time I look at these fine knives, as it bears mute testament to Jens' generous and accommodating nature.

In all, I must say, it has been a most pleasant experience dealing with Jens
and seeing these knifes come to fruition over the months. I feel like I helped create them (although Jens did all the work!) and thus, I gained not only two great new custom knives, but also a new friend in Jens. You can't help but get a measure of the man when you deal with him this long, with that many emails involving problems, answers and alternative solutions. In my humble opinion, Jen's excellent knife making skills, inherent work ethic, attention to detail, and great spirit of cooperation will certainly serve to carve a niche for himself in this industry.
You can visit his site at:

Brian-The new knife in the Block, and definitely not the sharpest!
Brian -

Those are absolutely beautiful! Jens has come a long way in the short time since he began posting here.

Man, am I jealous!

Tony King
Tulsa, OK
A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes bleed the hand that uses it.
-Rabindranath Tagore
Thanks for sharing, Brian. Those knives and sheaths are fantastic! I have a blade on order from Jens and I can hardly wait.
Hi Tony,
I must agree whole heartedly, Jens has shown great aptitude in his chosen field. I was really impressed by his work when I bought his Ambonia Drop Point from Tom Carey last fall. Tom said he was an "up and comer" and I believed him due to the obvious attention to detail and precision craftsmanship. What I found to be really incredible, is the fact that Jens had never tried any fancy file work before, just routine notches. He took to it right away and his "Vine Pattern" is gorgeous, better that I had expected it to be. The best part is that he is truly a nice guy, and someone you would like to see do well. I hope this project helps to bring him a bit of luck and prosperity.

I'm sure you will be happy with your new Anso. I like mine so much I may have to commission him to come up with another new one for me. Please post your pictures when you get them, as I would like to see them.
Take care,

Brian-The new knife in the Block, and definitely not the sharpest!