New favorite: Jackhammer

Mar 26, 2007
Hi all,
Recently picked up a Jackhammer off the exchange here. I've been wanting it for about a year now and finally pulled the trigger on one. I have yet to use it extensively but I love the way it feels in hand and just has a slick, slick look to it. Those CBT's are sweet too. Definitely my favorite knife at the moment.

I'm surprised this blade isn't more sought after to be honest.
i have contemplated getting one for quite some time and almost done it several. i wasn't a huge fan of the the SJTAC but it has been growing on me, and one with CBTs would be pretty sweet (the HR being one of my favorites). how does it compare to the SJTAC?
Oh yeah! I LOVE my Custom Shop one!



Let's see some pics of yours :)
A Jack Hammer thread with no pics? :eek: No worries, I got this. ;) :p

The JackHammer is the SJTac at it's maximum potential. It does everything very well and looks great doing it! Mine has penetrated/cut/broken sheetmetal, 55 gallon drums, automotive glass, tires, wood, weeds, meat, and everything else I have thrown at it. Heck, it will even chop pretty good in a pinch with that competition edge. It and the skinny ash are my two favorites in the midsize Busse's.




I liked it so much I bought a snakeskin SJTac just to swap the handles and match it to my CGFBM.

And a shot from pre snakeskin swap INFI testing. It really opened my eyes to the Jack Hammer's abilities.
I thought I'd sold mine, but just found it. It has missed me....

Nuke on....
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Wow, that snakeskin Jackhammer and FBM pair with matching slabs and CBT is great!!!!!