New Forum: Rec.Knives II


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Oct 2, 1998
Since we've opened, the one major complaint that we have heard is that our forums require registration to post, thereby eliminating the advantages of anonymous posting, like being able to express one's opinion without being directly ridiculed, or being able to discuss topics without bias due to their public standing.

As a proof of concept test, we are opening our newest forum: Rec.Knives II. This forum, unlike the rest of the forums on, allows anyone to post without registration, and will be unmoderated.

This forum will be open for 60 days as we evaluate whether or not it's a viable addition and does not detract from the overall goal of this site: The furthering of Knife Information and Education. The posters on Rec.Knives II are expected to be self policing, and we will be observing how well this works.

Should it become necessary, we reserve the right to remove this forum at any time, and all posts will be lost.

Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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