New Forum soft ware ... Good or bad?

<html>the new forum's just fine and in my opinion, on the forum list side, is much better than the old one; very user friendly, much better editing, more obvious "index up"links, I like it. You also have an excellent server it seems as I've yet to see any real down time save what you've needed for maintenance. Thanks for such a great job! This is a BIG job, I'm glad your the one doing it!!!

regards, mitch<p><center> <img src=> Here's what I do when takeing a break from the forge... tomatoes and basil; it's all I grow....</html>
vBulletin is EXCELLENT forumz software, but is extremely hard to work with sometimes. When done right it's about the best there is.
I like the new multi-features available although havent had the guts to try them yet.

Mitch you must live way out there in the woods.
yep! thumbs up on the new software.

if only it had spel chek? :)

mmmmm! fresh basil and tomatoes......cookout at Mitch's?
I like it!!!!

BUT, yeah I know somebody'd always got to throw a but in there.

I don't like the butter cream yellow scroll bars. My old eyes I guess:)
it sucks donkey balls:D the envelope colors aint right. the private message dont work:p