New Gerber BT2 Coated Covert...

Jan 26, 2000
The handy dandy UPS man just dropped off my new Gerber BT2 Covert. Looks to be a nice solid knife, even without the Interlock dealy engaged.

My question is this: the little destruction paper that came with the knife recommended using a 15 degree angle on each side of the blade (30 total) to sharpen it. I just recently purchased an Sharpmaker 203 and was wondering how best to go about sharpening this sucker. For those that don't know, the Covert is ATS34. Would I perhaps be served better with the Sharpmaker 204 and the additional angle it offers? Thanks for your time guys....

Justin L. Moore

If you want to keep the factory angle then the 204 is closer because of the inclusion of the 30 degree. That being said, the 30 degree is a little bit too thin for my taste (for edge toughness reasons), and I only use it for back bevelling. Don't worry about ATS-34, I've sharpened CPM-420V (much tougher) knives with my 203, and it does just fine.

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