New Gerber folders/ anyone have any opinions?

May 29, 2000
Hello, all. Been by A.G. Russell and looked at the new Gerber AR3.00. Very nicely made knife. Feels very solid in the hand. And, its priced to compete with the Spyderco Delicas and Natives as well as most of CRKT's line. I happened to be checking out some stuff on and notice two new Gerbers. The Spectre and the Harsey Air Rangers. I'm especially interested in the Air Ranger. Aus-8 steel, G-10 scales, under 3&1/2 inches (so it would be legal around here) and all for around $50! It almost sounds too good to be true. I just wondered if anyone owns one of these or at least has handled one? If so, what are your opinions of this knife?

All I know is the Spectre looks pretty cool.
Hey all, I have played around with several of the new International Series knives. This includes the Walker model and the AR3.00. The Walker is quite a knife. The construction, the fit of parts, and the finish of the knife are first rate. Everything works well, the blade comes with a razor edge, and I liked the safety system. This is a fairly large knife with a blade length of 4.00". This is also a good looking knife with sleek lines!
The AR3.00 series is also a nice looking line the handles have a champagne finish with black rubber strips on either side. The knives I fooled with had a smooth opening and good, tight lockup. I had the black bladed models, one plain and one serrated. On the shorter blades I prefer the plain edge. That price is for real, and you get a lot of knife for the price. Sorta like the CRKT line, Taiwan knives are getting better and better. Of course they will build as good a knife as you want built, or as cheap a knife as you want built. Gerber, like CRKT has decided to build a good knife in order to offer their customers a great value. Go for it, you won't regret it!

BTW, I don't think the other two are available yet. In fact I have yet to see the first Harsey folder that Gerber has been advertising since March.

Art Sigmon

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Thanks, guys. The reason I was asking, was that both and the Knife Center of the Internet are listing the Harsey for sale right now. But no one around here has one that I can pick up and play with before I buy.
Oh, well, I may go ahead and just order one.

If you pick up the november issue of Tactical Knives there is a 5+ page article on the knife "Harsey/Gerber Airframe". It includes a great deal of testing and a great description.

Check it out