New here, Discount Knives no, ABCDIRECT yes?

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Feb 2, 1999
Hi everybody,

New to the knife world and to this forum.
Feels good to be here. Must admit, I have been lurking for a while. A buddy of mine has been active here, that's how I found out about this site.

So, where is the best place to buy knives at? My bud has some good connections with good prices. I would like to see also what you all suggest. I know from the last thread I will not buy from Discount Knives. ABCDIRECT sounds like a good choice. Any other good trustworthly ones?

thanks, ti


Discount Knives has happy customers too.

So does ABC Direct.

Before I turned from a mere addict into a "pusher" myself, I was a happy customer at Northwest Cutlery and KnifeCenter as Internet-only dealers, and also at Cutlery Shoppe, Ironstone, and A.G. Russell. Other people here have had nice things to say about other dealers.


Come on James, DK sucks and everybody knows it. And they seem to be the only one.


Chill out dude. It is one thing to mention that you have been having problems with someone, but it is anotherto keep beating the subject to death. Yes, I have had my problems with DK, but my goal is not to piss the guy off, and make personal attacks. I just want to let him know that I am a bit disssatisfied. It may be possible that the man is getting overloaded with orders, or some other reason. If I hear that things have straightened out over there, I may start buying from him again.


My next order will probably be going through Chai cutlery (James Mattis's company), mostly because I have heard great things, and because he is a libertarian. Pretty much every dealer offers a price matching policy, so it gets difficult to find the cheapest prices sometimes. The other day I did run across AFCK's for 75.00, but I lost the bookmark. Surf the links section that is offered here, and you will see piles of internet dealers. Some offer certain brands at cheaper pricesthan others, one dealer might have brand A for more of a discount tham brand B, while another will have brand B at a greater discount. Also depending in where you live, the method of shipping may play a part on your choice. If you live in AK or HI (HA?damnedifIknow), priority mail from the USPS is a godsend. 2nd day air (UPS) to AK can sometimes double the cost of an item. Because of different shipping methods, sometimes a great sounding deal, isn't so great. If that $75 AFCK had a $20 UPS charge tacked on to it, it wouldn't be so hot.

The last thread about Discount Knives had as many or more positive things to say as the negatives. Reread the posts. I think, that Mr. "Highlander", might wish to err on the safe side and follow James Mattis' advice re: trial by internet. It's not fair it's not nice and it's un-needed. To wit, if you don't like it don't spend your money there; don't waste everyone elses time with your whining, vote with your wallet. I do.
I have made two purchases from Discount Knives. Very good prices. Getting through on the phone is tough. Internet ordering works fine. You probably need to know what you want before you order. Most things are trade offs.

I apologize for the agressive tone of my recent post, I usually don't let these things get to me. Just got tired of...well let's not go back there !
If 100 people order knives from me in the next 24 hours, I'll be a) happy, and b) terrified about what I'll read about my service by week's end, what with me being a one-guy operation with a day job and all too.

Trial by Internet of a dealer's customer service and business practices is a dubious proposition at best. It is even more dubious when the moderator of the forum in question is, as I am, a competitor of the dealer who is the subject of the controversy.

And that's why I'm locking this thread too.


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