New Ka-Bars: D2 Extreme? K2K?

Oct 9, 1998
Confusing! Today I looked on the Ka-Bar homepage (still under construction), but I saw a picture with a folder that I had never seen produced before. I checked the list for Ka-Bar knives at '' and I saw a listing for the D2 Extreme and the K2K series. Anyone have any experience with these knives? Any specs on them? The D2 looked pretty pricey for a Ka-bar knife (it was around 95 dollars I think).

These were mentioned in article, "Edging inot the Millenium", in the last issue of Blade. I don't think they are out yet and may be previewed at the Blade show. If I remember correctly, the D2 Extreme is D2 steel drop (?clip) point, aluminum handle linerlock. $95 doesn't seem bad for MSRP given materials and provided good workmanship (shrug).

I'm almost positive that Bob Dozier had a hand in the design of these folders thus the D-2. I read it in one of the knife magazines but haven't heard anything more on this collaboration.
Strider is correct, according to what I've read. I have been leaning towards getting a Dozier folder, but they are a bit expensive for me to get and use, same reason I don't yet have a Sebenza. Perhaps these Kbar versions will be well made & faithful to Mr. Dozier's design and execution; I hope so !