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New knives by Boker/Germany

Oct 22, 1998
Just got the new Boker catalogue. Several new knives are worth mentioning :

The Bud Nealy Specialist will soon be available with a utility drop point blade with a short false edge. Both the drop point and the tanto version are offered with either G-10 or cobolo wood scales. The G-10 blades may be ordered with a black TiAlNi coating. Blade steel is 440C.

Together with Walter Brend, Boker has developed a new tactical folder. It's a liner lock with ambidextrous thumb studs, titanium liners, tip-down-carry clip and either cobolo or G-10 scales. Blade length is 9.6 cm,
weigth is 170 g. The blade is recurved, with an almost full length false edge. Blade steel is 440C . For those who want to spend a lot more, there is a limited edition with damast blade and Makasar-Ebony scales.

The Applegate-Fairbairn dagger will be produced in a special, limited edition to honour the recently deceased Col. Rex Applegate. The blade is stainless damast (A mix of ATS 34 and 12C27 Sandvik steels), the guard stainless steel, the handle is made of Palisander wood.

Pictures of the Walter Brend folder and the utility Specialist can be found on Bokers German website.

So many knives, so little money..

Take care,
The Boker Brend looks surprizingly like the Brend B.M. talon only with bolsters.
Take a look at the AF page and see the mini-smatchet. Cute but how do we convince Boker to make the real thing - full size 10-12" bladed smatchet?
Previously, I didn't give the specialist much thought. But the spear point version looks really nice, especially in black!
I like them thats for the info TOBSE

here's an address to a current currency converter,(try saying that three times fast)


Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman,
any work done.

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I recently played with the tanto specialist (Forum member Mick has one). It's a wellmade little knife, comparable in size to the Stiff KISS. My main concern is that there is neither a finger cutout nor a guard. In the light utility role, this may be acceptable, though.

I'd also love to have a full-sized version of
the smatchet. Boker is slowly getting on the
tactical/combat utility knife bandwagon,so maybe they can also be persuaded to build the mega-folder many of us dream of - there is no 4-inch-max folder law in Germany (Not yet -the Swiss have just outlawed all one-hand folders with blade lengths of more than 9cm).

Side note : the Euro, and with it the Deutsche Mark, has already tumbled 8 percent against the greenback since the start of the European currency union this January. This
makes Microtech even more expensive for a German, and Boker even cheaper for Americans...

Take care,
Tobse !