New Lock from MT ?

Jan 11, 1999
In the thread with the Kestrel pics Blades mentioned a new lock from MT. What's the story?

I will get the full scoop at Shot but it appears to have a user adjustable screw to adjust lockup tightness. Not sure how it will be on the actual production models but here is a pic courtesy of Tom Kyle (FrogMan).

<a href="">Click here for more info from Tom's site. More cool pics too.</a>

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Actually to me it looked like a pivot where that screw is, if you look at the "liner" right there it comes up at a perfectly straight line, and look at the thickness!!

it looks like a seperate bar, hinged and with some sorta spring instead of the good old fashioned liner lock....

Just my thoughts, Alan Folts..



If anybody thinks I'm kidding, see also...oh DAMN, Fuzz took his whole site down, the pic isn't available online. I'm sending it to Spark RIGHT NOW so you can all see what I'm talking about.

Go look in Shop Talk for a thread by me on this sucker!

Now, I'm not pissed. I *gave* it away to ANY company willing to use it it build a megafolder. It's also possible we're looking at independent invention; I first posted my pic of the system on 11-09-98 both here (in Shop Talk) and on KF's Design forum. They *might* have had prototypes with this lock prior to 11/9, or they might not have. I published as soon as it came into my head, or at least within a day or two.

I'm sitting here laughing my a$$ off. BUT if my posts and pics pre-date MT's prototypes, then as far as I'm concerned, Microtech "owes me" the chance to but a REALLY high-quality megafolder that puts the CSVG to SHAME!


Jim March
HERE IT IS, and other than minor tweaks it's clear the principle is identical! I published this on both forums on 11/9/98:


Jim March
Jim, if it is your look that they are using and they did not come up with it before you, then at the very least you deserve to get the knife they made free, IMO of course. Good luck with it. Nice to see a fellow forumite get credit for something. Hope you do.
Cobalt, I just exchanged EMail with Sniper308, who owns a Nemesis. He's confirmed it's the SAME lock as the Kestrel and dates back to '97, long before I thunk this up. See also the "lock design for comment" thread in Shop Talk.


Jim March
That design looks like a great idea. NOW, unlike a typical liner lock, it can be replaced if it wears out! A problem inherent to the friction between the softer titanium and harder steel of the blade.