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New Spec-Plus Ontario is here! Yippee!

Michael, were always interested in a review. Ontario makes some very good knives for the money, in my opinion.
Michael, keep your eye on the *knife testing
( khukuris cont.)* thread, but let us know your impressions of the Survival Bowie too.

Sent my Ontario Survival and Marine Raider Bowies to Cliff Stamp on March 26, and am watching the post office for their Bolo and Kukri in next few days. I will also send those up for Cliff to test.

Drat, all I got in the mail today was an itty-bitty seven and seven/eigths inch bladed baby HI khuk. Well, maybe tomorrow...
Michael --

If you'll be doing some tests, could you please do some things that might stress the handle, and then let us know whether or not the kraton stayed firmly bonded to the tang or not? I read a magazine review a while back that included some chopping tests, after which the handle came unbonded a bit. I'm interested in knowing if that was one bad specimen or not (assume it was).

Cliff, Joe brought up a good point. Since Rusty is sending you two, try it out also.
The knives will see heavy chopping on wood and other materials. I will be discussing in detail with Rusty how far he wants the durability aspects to be looked at once the general performance is examined.

Two already on the way, two others due to come in. Post office opens in an hour and a half, will drink coffee and growl til then.
Hi all,

Part I of my review, "Workmanship and Aesthetics," is posted in the Knife Reviews! Forum. I look forward to your comments.