New to me UMNum. results of a collection intensly condensed

Oct 9, 2013
So this is the first time ive had more than one CRK at a time and both these are my only folders.

Ive had a few CRKs come and go before the UG 21 so i guess ive just been circling the drain. I can almost hear the comments from when i posted about my first, a 25, along the lines of "we have seen your future"

Sent an email toward the end of yesterday seeing if i could get Lisa to "sign" the UG by milling or engraving. Hopefully ill get a verdict next week.

So, you got yourself a work knife and a dress knife. Very nicely done. Those should handle all your needs.
Enjoy the CRK goodness !!!!!!!!
I use both, I got a video using the UG to open a beer. I’ll carry the UG almost anywhere, the zaan is for the few places I’d rather not.

It’s a great pair though and I’m hankering a pj small 21 and a mnandi....