New Wicked Woo and G-45

Apr 18, 1999
Hurray, hurray, hurray! Ten minutes ago, I experienced that thrill only forum members are familiar with. Sadly, I also experienced the terror many married forum members know only too well. You see, my wife and I saw the UPS package from WKC leaning against the front door at the same time. "Hmmm" I said, "I wonder what that is." "It's a letter for me" said I. How foolish of me to think my inquisitive wife could let it go at that. Nooooo!!! She asked who it was from. I deftly replied, "The WKC Company" showing her the envelope. She said, "Who's that?" "The Wildlife Kinetics Corp.", said I. So far, that has satisfied her.

I have got to get that women a couple of part time jobs. She has entirely too much time on her hands.

The envelope contained the double ground Woo I had ordered and the G-45 Newt threw in because he hadn't remained on schedule with regard to delivery.

When I have more time to clandestinely examine these too specimens, I'll try to let you know my impressions. For now, I can say I am quite impressed with the ergonomics of the diminutive G-45. The Woo is smaller than anticipated and oh so flat. It should make a good hideout piece.

The only negative is that both came with paracord hangers. I would have preferred a chain. This, however, I can remedy with a trip to the hardware store. OOOPS, here she comes. Got to go.

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I don't ask for either.

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I have my wife right where she wants me - and she is starting to wonder why I keep getting packages when the mortgage is overdue.....
Willie Boy;
Without any luck, I've looked around Newt's web site to see what a G-45 looks like. Would you mind giving me a brief description?
My girlfriend took my Woo and now has it in her collection, so I ordered another one plus a G45. Newt said that the OAL of the G45 is a little shorter than the Woo, but the blade length is about the handle length of the Woo. I should find out in a few days.


First of all, let me say I love your screen name and believe it is quite complimentary of Mr. Clinton. I believe you have identified his greatest strength!

After a preliminary examination yesterday evening, I must say I am more impressed with the G-45 than the Woo. The G-45 is made from 1/8 inch 1095 tool steel. The overall length of the G-45 is 7 inches. The blade measures 2 3/4 inches. There is a small semi-circular hump between the handle and the blade on the edge side of the blade. This hump serves to keep your fingers of the sharpened blade. There is a small hole in the hump which the helps the Kydex sheath retain the knife. At the rear end of the knife handle is a "hook" which helps with withdrawal of the knife from the Kydex sheath and also helps to index your hand on the cord wrapped grip.

Now for the tough part, i.e., describing the blade. The blade is chisel ground, sharpened on only one side. It is a clip point with a 3/4 inch false edge. The entire length of the edge is curved.

Now, picture an "Americanized" tanto. Near the tip of a tanto there is a vertical angle near the tip which produces the two edges and an extra angle on the blade surface. The G-45 also has this angle but it isn't verticle. Instead it sweeps from roughly the center of the false edge to roughly 2 inches back on the blade edge. I don't know what purpose this extra angle serves, but do not object to its presence.

The G-45 weighs 1 1/2 ounces. It is quite slender, flat and lightweight.

One more thing, the knife snaps into the neck sheath with authority, yet is easily removed.

I understand the knife sells for $22. How can one go wrong?


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