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Newbie thanks you (Home Shopping channel booboo :( ...

Jun 16, 1999
I'm technically not even a newbie. The only
knives I have are one I picked up while in Switzerland and a sword I bought while in Toledo, Spain. I am trying to learn, however, and would like to thank you for the warnings about the Knife Collectors Show at that home shopping channel. Though now I'm embarrased to admit it, I ordered a collection through them (have yet to receive it). I became interested in knives because I deliver pizza to help pay for my college tuition/rent/etc, and wanted something for self protection (I'm too young to carry a handgun). When I found the knife collectors show on TV, I realized the knives were low quality, but thought what the hell (yes, there's a sucker born every minute, and this one was born around at 12:34 in the morning a little over twenty years ago). I've yet to decide whether I'll keep the knives as a reminder or try out their "THIRTY DAY MONEY BACK GUARAUNEEEEEEE!" Either way, thank you from one sucker-no-more (hopefully

Send 'em back, and get yourself a Benchmade or Spyderco. You won't regret it!
Send them back.

If you have to open the box try not to touch them; I wouldn't want your hands to get contaminated.

Get a Spyderco Military, it will cost you for this one knife what you paid for the 100 knives they sent you, but it's 1000 times the knife. It's a good beginning.

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I can sypathize with the "pizzaman dilema". I grew up in the projects. In one of the beloved neighborhoods I lived in, Merrit Island Garden Apartments(they all have a name like that. one of the worst ones in the area was "Tropical Terrace"), the local denizens had hit upon the idea of ordering pizza, then mugging the deliveryboy to get some cash. This got so bad that if you wanted to get your pizza, you had to walk all the way up to the main road(Courtenay Parkway, if you know the area) and wait by the corner!

That knife collector show seems to be a clearing house for some of the worst crap my eyes hath ever beheld. And to hear the guys jabber on about it, you'd think you were buying Excalibre or something.

Definately return what you ordered, along with a scathing letter of damnation.

I would like to make the pilgrimage to Toldedo one day. Despite the crap that gets exported, there are still a number of fine smiths and legitimate craftsman there. Maybe I'll finaly be able to find somebody who knows how to make a decent navaja.
Those guys doing knife sales on the Home Shopping Channel scare me. Had to put on my favorite horror flick "The Evil Dead" to calm down...

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I love that flick, Danelle, esp. the part 2!

Yeah, I used to watch that Home Shopping show sometimes just for laughs. It's really funny when they say, "These knaaaves are the knaaaves used by the secret service, like the C.I.A.! You kin run over 'em, you kin step on 'em...they won't break! They are indeeestructible! And...they will last you a laaaaahftaaaahm!"

Wow, another Evil Dead fan! I highly recommend the <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000G3Q4/brettcoonA/"> special edition DVD from Elite</a>. The commentary track by Bruce Campbell is great. The special edition laserdisc of Evil Dead 2 is also really good.

Back on the Knife Collectors Show topic, I always wondered about those guys. I think "scary" is a pretty apt description. I haven't searched for threads on the topic, but has someone here actually purchased knives from the show and reviewed them? I'd be curious to know just how good/bad they really are.



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Well, I got the knives I ordered from that damn show in, and as expected they're all crap. The handles are plasic and 90% of the knives are made in pakistan (the rest in China). Come Monday I'm sending them back. Oh, and the packaging was so bad that the wakasashi <spelling?> poked through the end and almost cut the UPS delivery driver. Mistake made, lesson learned...
Discovered "Knife Collectors Show" about a year ago when I was laid up with a bad back.
It was real hokey and the merchandise real crap - but it was funny AND about knives and so I found myself watching it a lot.
It was so bad that it was amusing.
Sometimes the hawkers would throw the knives around or try to cut soda cans with the cheap katanas and do stupid things in general.
One of the things that kept me tuning in was my curiosity to see if they would ever offer up a decent item.
So far, not.
Ed E
I actually saw them offer something in AUS-8 a few weeks back. But then they had to go and proclaim it as the best steel available, so I was back to laughing at them again.

JP Bullivant

Cool name, a little tough to spell though. Any way, sorry to hear you got shafted by them, but at least you get your money back.

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Well, what do you expect from rednecks selling blades with names like the "Breaking Wind" Katana? Okay so I made that up but it is something that I expect to see on the Knife Show in the near future. I love how they claim that "These are the knives we carry!" like that's something to be proud of.
The best thing I ever saw was one of those idiots twirling a sword around and almost cut himself in the head. Too bad it wasnt a REAL sword.
Kcixelsid, definitely send those junkers back and buy yourself a Spyderco Endura (at the very least). It is probably the best knife for your dollar available.
I want to cut off my hand and replace it with a chainsaw...Groovy!
They even made fun of the KCS on South Park last week:

"It's even got a dragon painted RIGHT ON THE BLADE!!!!"
"This is my SHARPSTICK!!!"

Shop smart. Shop Knife-Mart!

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