Newly wrapped handle...Thanks RJ Martin!

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Visited with RJ Martin recently on a business trip, that worked well! And RJ gave me a section of Sting ray skin so I could re-wrap the handle on my 11 1/2" A2 tanto, chisel edged. If you look at a previous thread the older handle had way too much epoxy, the job went better this time. The handle is much more tactile in grip than before, worth the work of removing the old one, that was pretty hard to clean off.




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Looks cool and practical.
A tip for removing epoxee--heat and an edge.
If you have epoxee on metal to remove, hit it with a heat gun or torch. Get it up to a couple hundred degrees and cut it off with a sharp blade. Then wrap it with a rag soaked in Xylene (carb cleaner etc) and let soak for a few hours. Finish removal with steel wool. It used to work on radio telescopes.
Very nice Gary. I'm impressed, it's got to be a painstaking operation to do a wrap like that. I'll be talking to you next week about a sheath for my Swisstool.
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Gary-Nice knife!
What kind of epoxy did you use to coat the wrapping on that knife? I have made a few wrapped handle knives and am not sure which epoxy to coat the handles with.

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Doggone it Gary don't keep doing this to me.
I still like the Basic even with the extra epoxy. You should show people your sheath work. Absolutely first rate. I ain't whistling dixie either. Have you ever made a back quiver for a traditional archer? Let me know as maybe we could work out some kind of trade for a particular A2 TG B-J. Hey keep'em sharp.
PS email as to making an iwp sheath for the Basic. It would go the nuts with my CCO.
Gary: It looks a damn site better than last time I saw it! Almost makes up for my dog eating your sheath?

RJ Martin
I wasn't going to tell them about that, I felt bad that you felt bad.
The story goes like this, RJ and I were looking over some knives
in his kitchen and left things on the kitchen table, my big knife and sheath
were on the table, knife removed from the sheath at the time, we moved out
to his shop where he has some neat toys there, talked a while and looked over
the shop. On returning to the kitchen I noticed my big knife there but not the
sheath, hmmmmm? where did that go? looked in the bag I brought the knives in,
not there, then RJ got a bad feeling and went in search of their rather large puppy,
a labrador (spelling?) it is a very active pup, RJ found the sheath with several
puncture holes near the end of the sheath, I wasn't too worried as the knife is mine
and won't go to anyone, but he felt bad. I said don't worry you didn't bite it.
The pup's name is Sugar and I think when I make another sheath for the knife I'll
name it Sugar, just to keep the memory going. Thanks again RJ!

The Epoxy I used was a Devcon 30minute, sorry
RJ, used what I had, thats why there are some shiny
spots on the wrap. RJ reccommends a 24hr type of epoxy.


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Oops, I resized the photos so they would fit with out having to scroll sideways, but now they are fuzzy, oh well.

Wow that looks great!! I was wondering if you finished that or not. I'm lovin my Sebenza sheath.