Newt Livesay/ Wicked Knife Co.

Aug 27, 1999
I really like this knife! It is one serious blade for serious work. All of Newt's knives are for serious users. I really like that. Rambo wannabe's need not apply. I had a chance to meet Newt this weekend. I toured his shop and had a nice chat. I have liked his knives for a while but this was the first time I had a chance to handle the RTAK and some others that are not ready for production yet. I handled an EELS knife. The single- mindedness of purpose and clarity of design of it was kind of scary. It certainly shows that The Wicked Knife Co. is very appropriately named. There are some really interesting things coming out in the not too distant future too.
Newt is a guy who has a profound knowledge of his field but lacks the bombast of a Lynn Thompson. He is easy to do business with, and stands behind his products. In todays weasel world of laywers, it is nice to deal with someone who says what he means and does what he says. If you are a person who GOES there and DOES that, you will like any of his knives and will like doing business with him.
I've been dealing with Newt over a year now. They don't come any better or smarter. This man's been there, done that in so many fields it's scary. I imagine a lot of his past experiences may still be classified. You'll never hear Newt pulling his own chain or bragging about what he's done, or his experience in the industry, but when he does tell you something, you can bank your life on it. Personally I'd go through any door with him on the team. - Jeff

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I agree completely. Newt is a great knifemaker and gentleman. His no-nonsense, affordable, quality blades say it all.

By the way, where's that Wicked Forum? Oh well, maybe in the future.

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I talked to Newt last week and asked about a Livesay forum. He said he didn't have time right now and no one on his staff wanted to do it. He didn't think he would have time in the near future either. He said he and his company are also going to be in a movie. He wouldn't give me much detail other than Wicked Knife Company would have a pivotal role in the plot.


Ahh....the plot thickens...there's some interesting things coming about in the future with Newt. - Jeff
Newt's new forum can be found on Jeff's right, you wouldn't want to sit down and play "been there, done that" with Newt unless you were one of the Big Dogs. I saw prototype blades out of M6 in Newt's shop that were supernaturally sharp and really good for what they're good for. Alas and alack, they will not be available to civilians
I hope to meet Newt at the SOF convention this year, I see that he will be providing the 20th anniversery neck knives that all conventioners will recieve for attending.I have one Woo already but understand these will have SOF markings.