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Newt Livesay??

Jun 2, 1999
I have only seen his knives in pictures. I just was wondering who here has experience with any of his knives, or owns any of them?

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I have an Executive NRG blade is just under 4" Steel is 1095 Nice little knife. Comes with neck sheath with a removable belt hook.

Also, an ICU (Intergrated Combat Utility) which is a medium clip point, not entirely unlike a USMC KABAR.

Both have canvas micarta handles very round very nice in the hand

The NRG was about $50.00 and the ICU was about $100.00. I don't see how you could go wrong.

I have some Livesay Knives.I mostly carry my executive NRGS(this is my favorite carry- very sharp)2 Ujis which are very cool for 50 bucks with a killer sheath.A cord wrapped Woo.A micarta handled Woo.A S.O.P($20 why not?)And I get my Company knife next week.I love all these knives,but the Ujis and the NRGS werent very sharp to begin with and needed a little help.Now they all shave nice.
I plan on buying a lot more.I think Livesay gives you a lot of knife for the money.

Troy Webber
I have the big HKR, and it's a great knife for the price. The sheaths are really great too, and Newt is a cool guy to do business with. My knife was delivered before the date he first quoted.
I recommend Wicked Knives wholeheartedly. Best bang for the buck, bar none.


Please tell me more about your HKR! I have been in communication with Newt regarding a "custom" HKR (thinner stock, polished blade, sharpened false edge, shoulder sling). It'll be my "fighter" , since I've decided that I can't afford a Mad Dog Panther. Your thoughts would be appreciated!


The best part about Newt Livesay - If you happen not to be satisfied for some reason or another, he will do whatever it takes to correct that. - Jeff

Randall's Adventure & Training

I own Uji (ultra slim concealment tanto) as well as NRG non-magnetic (G-10 handle, G-10 blade, kydex sheath) and newt not only gets it right on the knives, he gets it right on the sheath. If you are looking for a solid knife for a great price, you will be fine here. No frills, nothing it does not need. Incidentally, why would one spend the money on Mad Dog when you could have HKR and a smaller back up knife for the same money?

Newt is currently making me a sheath for a BM Nimrod I picked up super cheap and I have asked for a Woo neck piece as well. I am willing to bet my life on his work, that in itself is a lovely testament. Jeff randall seems to think that the Rapid Deployment Machete is a first rate piece of outdoor gear. The handle he puts on his Airmobile Assault is a little small for the design, but otherwise I have nothing bad to say about the guy. Call him, he is a hoot to talk to, as well as being a genuinely nice guy. Tell him to be on the lookout for my Nimrod and request for a woo while you are at it.

Also for fun go look at Jeff Randall's jungle training site. Jeff is also great people and I will one day venture into the wilderness with him. To boot, my beloved has actually given her assent to such a project in the next couple years.
I have two Wicked blades: a double ground Woo and a G-45. The G-45 came with a cord wrapped handle. Both take a nice edge. What I like most about them, aside from the price is their slim profile, especially the G-45. When dangling from my neck, it is virtually undetectable, regardless of the shirt I am wearing.

I have several 'Newts' - the Recon Combat Machete and the WOO and Lil' Pecker neck knives.
All of these are made of 1095, well finished and very practical. All needed a little 'touch-up' on the sharpening, all came with well-made very secure Kydex sheaths. I particularly like the Recon sheath - it's a rectangular sheath with numerous eyelets around it as well as a nylon belt loop, giving it a large number of carry options.
The Livesay knives are not 'art objects' - but you do get a practical, functional, rock-solid hunk of heavy metal for a reasonable price. Also, Newt's a hoot to talk to.

Squid- The HKR is a great knife. It's very comfy in the hand, and chops great without being overly heavy feeling. The handle fits me better than some higher doller knives, and I really like the blade shape. Overall, you couldn't go wrong with one. Get one of Newt's shoulder rigs for the sheath, and you'd have a trully "Wicked" fighter!
Newt is a super guy. I have his RTAK as by Jeff Randall. Both supor dudes. The RTAK has seen some light use and I must say the most blade/dollar bar none. 1095 differential tempered blade at around 59 Rc wirh a soplid no BS finish in 9.5 inches. Can't go wrong !!!!

From Africa

Jeff --

On your site you mentioned a Randallized machete from Newt. I assume your usually thinner edge, etc. Have you and Newt worked out the details on that yet?


The Rapid Deployment RCM comes standard with 1/4" thickness. The one I have was made from 3'16" stock at my request. It works great and the RTAK was designed from that. Newt will make an RCM for you in 3/16" if you request it, and I think the price runs the same as a standard RCM (Recon Combat Machete).

I like 3/16" better for lite vegetation, and the overall width of 2" keeps the blade strong enough for heavy chopping.

Newt sells a lot of standard RCMs to the DEA guys down south for dope whackers. - Jeff

Randall's Adventure & Training

Need to hit the books, but just got back from Newt Livesay's and thought I'd put my two bits here, but briefly and write more when classes aren't breathing down my neck. J

Talked to Newt over the phone today about a few pieces I was interested and he said that he thought a few RTAKS were ready to go, that's all it took for me to drive over and pick it up from his Siloam Springs shop.

Newt could not have been more gracious. He personally finished an RTAK for me and showed me a new trick, shaving paper, not the normal way, but actually shaving pieces off the flat surface. That's pretty sharp! He is a true professional and highly doubt that any of his knives would perform sub par. I'll write up a review of the RTAK later. He deserves and earns your business. Hell of the nice guy too.