Newt Livesay's "Woo" neck knife

Oct 2, 1999
Can anyone give me a review of the Woo's performance and abilities?
and while you're at it, how about comparing the WOO to the REKAT Utility?
I'm sure if you look through the archives, or search feature, you'll find many threads re: Livesay's Woo. Also, check out his website for further info. I have three of Livesay's knives, and they are just what the man said, no nonsense knives made for no nonsense work. My Woo was very sharp, the grind lines were perfect, and the kydex sheath fit just right. The best way to order is to call Newt himself, and ask him any questions you want. 9 out of 10 times he'll answer the phone himself.

Just remember however, that there's a reason his knives are so affordable. BASIC, but VERY well made. Of course, there are going to be a few minor cosmetic blemishes, but you're not going to collect his knives, right?
Buy the Woo.

You are getting sleepy. You must buy the the the woo.

There have been many posts on the Woo. Just do a search and you will probably wind up with too much info.

To sway you towards the Woo a bit more, go to Newt's forum and read about the "Woo Incident" at the recent SOF Convention. Good reading.
I have the Woo and the Little Pecker. They are basically the same size. The L.P. is more useful as a utility knife. The Woo is a pure weapon for self defense. The Woo is the nastiest piece of politically incorrect defensive equipment around. There are neck knives costing up to $250.00, none of them are in any way functionally superior to the Woo.
Woo is $27 w/ a cord wrapped handle, why not buy it yourself and try it? It is an excellent piece of cutlery, do not buy one for excellent finish, buy it b/c it is a purpose specific tool that is simply enough to do the job with no unnecessary frills.
Went to a gun show today and there was a guy with a table full of NEWT LIVESAY knives. First one I grabed was the Woo and he had them marked at $250.00 I just about *hit right then and there. They guy selling the knives started telling me how 3 diffrent seal teams all use the WOO excuslively not to mention how Newt's primary busness is selling other custom knives to the teams. and then he REALLY started to spread it on thick. When I told him about this forum and that on Newt's web page the going price was $25.00 for a Woo he just walked away
Think I got the message across to a couple of other potental buyers as the asked me about BladeForum and where Newt's web site was.
I guess I am going to have to start selling them at the gun shows!

$250.00?!?!? You're yankin' my chain!
The gun show was in Colorado and the Woo's were marked $250.00 I wanted to pick one up but the wife saw the price before I did and she almost shot me for wanting to spend so much on a small knife. Oh well some people are just silly enough to spend that much on a knife without researching prices first.
Keep in mind that if you slap a SEALs logo on little pink doilies and market them as official SEAL issue as the official SEAL House warming Gift, you will have a best selling item. It never ceases to amaze me that all I have ever seen sold with a trident on it has sold far better than the same item without the trident. SEAL Mouse pad anyone?

It is an OFFICIAL SEAL mousepad? Is it impervious to salt water and gasoline? Can I garotte a man with it?

I am thinking of getting the new Livesay Neck Mousepad instead. It's cheaper.

Seriously though...get the Woo. You will not be disappointed. If you are, I'll buy it from you.

Will you buy it at Newt's price or the Gunshow dealer's price?

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Perhaps I should have cleared that up earlier.

I'll pay the $25.00 RETAIL for it.
JW, your mouse pad comment resulted in multiple pieces of Entenmanns devils food chocolate frosted donuts splattered all over my screen!!

$250.00 each for a WOO knife? If I know of any Dealer or Distributor who has an account with my company that is selling WOO knives for that high a price I will not sell them any product. There is no reason to take advantage of anyone by charging such outrageous prices. As far as the Seal Teams buying my knife or me being the official Seal Team provider or what ever. I am here to tell anyone who is reading this forum that this is a out and out LIE!. I sell hundreds of knives to all branches of the military, and to different members of special operations units such as Delta Force, Navy Seal, Air Force "AFSOF", as well as FBI, DEA, NSA, CIA, and or other military and or civilian personnel. The only contract that we presently are working on is to a Special Operations Unit that is connected to the U.S. Army. This contract was begun by the U.S. ARMY, and is for a total of 200 units. These 200 knives are for one of our "machetes", and includes our KYDEX sheaths. We have over the last few years made a number of knives for other makers, and or companies, and put their name on the blades, etc. HOWEVER WE HAVE NEVER PUT ANY TYPE OF MILITARY CREST, OR DEPARTMENT INSIGNIA, ETC SUCH AS THE SEALS TRIDENT, ETC., ON A MILITARY CONTRACT BLADE. If a crest, etc., is on there we (I) didn't put it there. Don't be fooled by someone trying to pull a con.
Best regards;
Newt Livesay