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Nimravus...any opinions?

Oct 27, 1998
The pics of this colloboration are quite impressive, but I haven't had a chance to hold one. Any owners out there? It seems like a nice bridge from the folder to fixed blade world!

I have had one for a couple of months now. It holds an edge as well as any BM knife. It is comfortable to hold and work with although it hasn't yet made it into the bush since I dislike winter camping( too goldarn cold). This summer i will see if it performs as well as my spydie moran. The blade lacks the useful belly of the moran so I doubt it will be as useful as the moran when used in a utility fashion.

for what it is worth

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When I first bought one I was fully impressed and instantly regretted not getting two of them.


The design of the knife is excellent and the ergos are really good EXCEPT for the full-tang at the end. It digs into the lower meaty part of my hand and after using it for more than a minute or so becomes somewhat painful.

I was really quite saddened, as I really liked the design and feel of the knife and when it becomes available in M2 will be quite a good budget camper and utility knife.

Just a thought, but why not take a dremel took and grin off the end of the tang. I know it's hard to take a grinder to a new knife, but if it improves the design, why not?

I got a look at one at the local gun show over the weekend, and thought it looked like a great knife. I liked the handle, and the blade shape was good, too. Pretty slim profile, and pretty light. One thing, though, and I feel really silly/stupid asking this: Is the blade flat ground, hollow ground, or sabre grind? I know, I should know, but I really didn't notice. OBTW, I am seriously considering buying it, but didn't at the show because the price was about $20 more than at Knife Outlet. The kydex sheath was awesome!

O_D: I believe that the Nim would be considered sabre-ground. It is not flat all the way to the spine like a full flat grind but is flat to around the middle of the blade and then full width. This makes for a very strong blade with slightly reduced slicing ability. I think this is what Benchmade was going for.



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