No holds-barred steel cage grudge match

Dec 24, 2000
Just thinking that a comparo I'd really like to see is between the Sebenza and the LCC.

I'm not talking about a debate about price or value or warranty or brand regonition- none of that pie in the sky stuff. No philosophical ruminations about the inherent advantages of an integral lock over a liner lock. No semi-production vs. production or utility vs. tactical wallowing. Just a "real world" type shoot-out, where both knives would be subjected to the usual cardboard, rope, wood- that sort of thing.

I'd be real curious as to what the differences would be in edge holding and cutting efficiency would be. Basically, which one "works" better for each of the tasks put before it. Which is the better slicer? Which is the better utility knife? Which can handle light chopping with some degree of success? Both knives are held in very high regards- so how do they fare against each other?

Any volunteers?

Me? Nope- I just like to watch...


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Firebat, good topic! I think knife magazines should feature more articles that make head-to-head comparisons of similarly categorized knives. Auto magazines often do these type of articles to help give the consumers more information to make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, it seems that some publications (not just knife magazines)are afraid of losing advertising money from the "sore losers" of these challenges. Too bad, I think these "contests" would result in manufacturers placing more attention to performance in the research and development of new knives rather than relying mostly on marketing hype. Just my two cents.

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