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non mettalic/magnetic knives


Feb 18, 1999
First I don't live in California (just read the whole BS on outlawing non-magnetic knives) What I'm looking for is a folder that won't tweak metal detectors. The whole issue of non magnetic/ metallic knives mystifies me, so I don't know where to start or what to look for. I feel that I must justify to you my reasons for wanting one, just so you don't think I'm trying to sneak one on a plane, courtroom etc. I'm not stupid I don't feel like spending a major part of my life in jail.(I hear they don't let you take your knife collection to jail with you!!) I live in a Canadian city which has a major University and College, Therefore alot of crazy drunk kids in bars at night. Over the past few months some of these kids have been pulling knives on each other (some kid got his throat slit in a fight for a cab!) Only about 3 incidents but enough that it is percieved as a crime wave of stabbings (love the media spin on it!)I work in bars on a regular basis as a live sound technician and frequent these bars on a regular social basis, meeting bands, club owners etc, trying to get more work. I am also a knife nut. Never without my Benchmade striker or Boker top lock or my my Leatherman. Well most of these bars in town, in reaction to media accusations, have started equipping the doorstaff with hand held metal detectors! See my delema. When I'm working I require a good knife for cutting cable, tape, etc. When I'm not working I'd still like one "just in case" Cause guaranteed it will be some drunk teenage idiot that knows the doorstaff and gets a knife in the bar. Now we are not talking high tech metal detectors or highly trained staff using them. Most of these guys just wave the detector at your chest and legs!? And they are not very sensitve detectors, they don't pick up pocket change, lighters, keys etc. Okay this is getting pretty long winded. If you know of a knife that will suit my situation (under $175) or if you can give me some info on the whole non magnetic deal, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
Lee, I can't comment on carrying a knife in a social situation, but if you need a knife for work I would recommend you bring it into the club in your toolbag and then slipping it back into place on your person. I work in the entertainment industry, and have even done some work in sensitive situations such as State and Federal buildings and Presidential news conferences. Just be clear; I am here to work and this is a tool.

Trying to sneak a "weapon" past a metal detector will just get you fired or kicked out of the club, and is rude and insulting to the security staff. Conduct yourself professionally and you will seldom be questioned about your actions or equipment.

Look at "David Boye" pocket folders that are made of dendritic cobalt, for corrosion resistance when used in salt water. Can be purchased from discount knives for about $80.00.
Ditto Stjames, though I understand that your intention is not to pull one over on security, Lee. Now, this is NOT an endorsement to carry ANY weapon through a detection device, but more a caveat (one which has been repeated on various prior threads) for anyone thinking of playing around or just wanting to "see if I can get this through," etc:

METAL detectors detect METAL knives. Talonite, stellite, and Boye dendritic cobalt (cast stellite) are non-magnetic but are metallic, and therefore CAN be picked up by a metal detector, although they will elude magnetic detection. The Boye cobalt is great -- I've got one w/beautifully polished micarta scales -- but it won't get you past a metal detector.

Of course, as someone may well point out, G-10 or the various epoxy composite knives, as well as ceramic knives, can pass detection. But that's either a very expensive piece of barely adequate cutting plastic, or a very expensive piece of chip-prone ceramic (for well *over* $175), just to get through a doorway.

As Stjames notes, best to be upfront and you'll likely have no problems.

Anyhow, my 2 pesos --

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check out the livesay NRG and one of his titanium knives for 22 dolars. great knives for the $