NorthEast Beckerhead 2016 Spring Gathering

Sep 18, 2010

MAY 13-15

Slim Baker Lodge in Bristol NH.

Meet new and interesting people.


Eat some great food.



Hang out by the fire.


What to expect.

We will have Knives ,Fire, Food, and Drink.

There will be contests and workshops.

What do I need.

Bring whatever you need for the day or the weekend.
Food, drink, camp chairs, hammocks, coolers, and such.
Trade items or what you want to show off.
We will do a food run Friday night to get what we need, extra food is always welcome.


Fire making.
Sling shots.
You come up with one.

There are a lot of great people here so come on up for the day or the whole weekend.

Oooh, I will be on shore! Might be able to come! Might not! Who knows!
My son Joey and I are planning to attend.

We've never been to a NE Gathering so if anyone can give us an Intel Dump on lodging arrangements and the like - it would be much appreciated.

Your message box is apparently full and my PM to you was bounced.
I definitely can't do the entire weekend. :(

Trying to see if I can come out for one of the days, most likely either Fri night or Saturday.....

Is this the same location as last year's spring gathering?

***EDIT: Nope, after a quick google maps search I can see it's a different spot.
We tried to reserve the Radeke cabin but we could not get any good weekend dates.

Sadly, it seems I remain destined to miss out on the spring gathering goodness. Despite my many pleas, the company I work for decided once again to make a large acquisition, and I've spent the last two months travelling to and from Utah, and I don't expect much to change until June or so. On the plus side, Utah has some amazing scenery.

So far, all looks good for me to attend in the fall again.

Hope you guys have fun :)
Sorry you can't make it, JP. It was fun last fall with your son. looking forward to seeing you in October, then....and yeah, Utah is a pretty scenic place. I hope you have time to get out and see some of it when you are there. We did a couple nights in Capitol Reef NP a couple decades ago (as well as overnighting in Zion and visiting Moab, amongst other places) was a pretty amazing trip and just about as different from the Northeast forests as you can get. See you soon enough.
Is that guy with the fro and running shorts going?

Cause, well, yeahhhhhhhhh....

Is that guy with the fro and running shorts going?

Cause, well, yeahhhhhhhhh....


Yeah, he will be there.

JWL I hope you can make it.

Geektechnica I hope to see you this fall.

MadIndian, hangin will be good. No beds in cabin anyway only the floor.
kinda like a bump. i got nothing.

the timing might work, but i know nothing right now.


i hate lack of precision on my part.