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"Norton" Japanese water stones

May 6, 1999
Where can I buy a Norton Japanese water stone? I have visited most of the sites on the web, and I am just interested in the "NORTON" brand of water stones. I would like to check out the site recommended by Steven Dick, but am unable to contact him to get the correct URL, anyone who can contact him, let me know and get the correct addy for me, I'd appreciated it, Big D1

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Lee Valley Tools has a huge selection of hones of all kinds including Japanese water stones. Also a very good book on sharpening everything (except wits). You can find them at www.leevalley.com. They have stores in most major Canadian cities and do a lot of mail order business. Oh, and the Canadian peso is worth about 60 cents US, another bargain!
I tried the Japan woodworking site, and they don't carry Norton Japanese water stones. But I'll give the other sites a try and see what I come up with. Thanks
I am looking specifically for the NORTON brand, and this site doesn't carry them,.... been there...done that...
I would really like to check out the web site that Steven Dick referred me to, but I am unable to access it through the hyperlink (blue text) does anyone have the correct addy for this site??? I am only interested in the "NORTON" brand of water stones. Thanks
I tried the website address myself and it didn't work for me either. I would suggest calling 800-221-2942
Hi Steve,

Err.. the URL still doesn't work... even after removing the period at the end of the URL itself. 404 = server not found. Wonder if it's offline..


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Yes, the web site is down, but they have the Norton Japanes water stones in stock and in lots of grits, thank you all for the help. Now on with my sharpening!
I found the Norton japanese water stones in a set containing 220 grit, 1000 grit, 4000 grit, and 8000 grit, as a set of four. They cost me $150. at http://www.thebestthings.com They had them in stock and shipped them in less than two days to my surprise. Thanks for all the advice and good leads, but I searched the web and found the cheapest price.