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NY Knife Show...What to expect ?

Jan 18, 1999
Dear friends,
I'm going to the NY knife show on Saturday and since this is my first show I have a few questions. I hope you can help me out.
I'm kind of interested in a Dozier knife.
Will he have some to sell or just be taking orders ?
(I'm an immediate gratification person).
What about other custom makers ?
In general, do knives cost more or less at a show than Internet prices ?
Those are my main questions. I appreciate any info you can give me.

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Dozier will have plenty of knives at his table - Don't worry! In fact 99% of the makers will have a selection of knives available for immediate purchase.

Make sure you bring a lot of money!
Indeed Bob and his lovely wife Linda will have a healthy selection on hand! Although, I' ve not tested them, his liner lock folders are a work of art! As far as discounts, some production companies will offer show specials but the small production and custom makers generally won' t as their products are often hard to obtain on a regular basis. Hey, instant gratification don' t come cheap!:)^) Besides with the wide selection available from such dealers as Les Robertson of LDC, their asking prices are, from a dealers perspective, appropriate. Happy shopping!


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Thanks Guys,
I appreciate the info.
Now, let me go find my daughter's piggy bank