Obsessive compulsive knife disorder

Mar 22, 1999
I need help, I'm outta control! I probably buy an average of 1 knife a month and I need more. Once, I got two delivered on the same day. I have more knives than I know what to do with, but I love 'em! How do I stop.
Heeeeeeelp meeeeeee!!!!!
I really don't want to stop. My next purchase is probably a Carnivore

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Greg...You are not alone brother!!! Maybe we should start some sort of clinic ala Betty Ford.
On second thought that would take time (away from forums) and money (limit knife purchases). Nevermind.

Long live Bladeforums!


One knife at a time, brother..........

One knife at a time................

Just say to yourself "I will not buy a knife today" (then do it tommorow)!
One of us...one of us...one of us...
i am going crazy...I ordered or bought this week:
2 Spydie Necklace Knives
Mission MPU
Boker TL2 Auto
Mini Socom
Case Select Side Slab Hunter
and my BF Native arrived....what a great week!
Two in one day?

Rank amateur!

I've had as many as five separate packages totaling seven arrive in one day. And I can't even remember how many I brought home from the recent Oregon show, probably ten or fifteen.

Each one is photographed. Last weekend, I processed four rolls of film, all pictures of butterfly knives. The lady at the photoshop gave me quite a strange look.

Right now, one of my projects is to enter them all into a computer data base.

And you think you've gone over the edge...

By comparison to me, any one of you is perfectly normal.

The first step is to admit that you have a problem.

And if you've got a problem, then any guy knows the next step is to get fixing. We are men, and fixing stuff is in our blood.

As any guy knows, fixing problems usually requires tools... wrenchs and screwdrivers and... drills and, and, and... and knives! I've got lots of wrenches. I've got lots of screwdrives. I've got lots of drills. And, I've got lots of knives.

But, all of my current knives are all polished up and put away and I don't want to get fingerprints on them. So, to get to work on this latest problem, I think I'll start by buying a new knife. That's a good idea!

Now, what was the problem anyway?

Oh yes, to many knives....


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I used to think I had a problem until I read this thread, but on second thought, I just think I don't have enough money. Better get out while I can...

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
Blades has it right - BladeForums is our treatment center. Talking about the addiction is very important.

Chuck - you really need help buddy. One method of treatment is to remove yourself from the close proximity of all those knives for a period of time (cool down period). I'll be happy to help you by keeping them for you until you're on the way to recovery. Shouldn't take more than a year or two.

Knife shows are my greatest challenge. How do you limit your purchases at a knife show. All those great knives in one place just waiting for me to buy them and take them home.

Control and deferred purchase are important. Just make yourself choose only 1 by forcing yourself to decide which one you want/need the most. Deferred purchase is a great way to slow down and spend less. Just say to yourself - I'll think this over OR maybe next time I'll buy it OR I'll sleep on it.

Ok, fellow knifeaholics, I've got to go decide which one to purchase next!
You haven't even gotten started till you've walked up to a maker's table at a show and said "How much for all of them?" - Then bought them! (Fortunately, there were only two knives left at the time. It did feel very good just saying it, though.)
Every morning look into the mirror and say

NO MORE! Then laugh right into that face staring back at you and turn and run away!

Works for me!

If someone does find a cure, don't tell my wife, it'll end up in my dinner one night and the next day all my knives will be gone!


When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard


Damn, I need to go into REHAB big time
I have been averaging at least one a week. I stay with moderate prices stuff and occasionally get a good buy
If I buy 3 knives at $40 each, it is more fun than one $120 -- well, it depends on the knife

Mad dog 20/20
You are in denial buddy! Stop now before it is too late. Soon the $40 knives will not satisfy and relieve the anxiety. Then it will be $100 knives. Then, well just look at the for sale posts selling custom knives for
$3000, not just one but several. There may not be any hope for you.
BTW did you see the ad for the spyderco"s selling for half price. Got to send an e-mail.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
I work in downtown Los Angeles and I park my car one block away from Ross Cutlery. For almost a year I would stop by the store after work on my way to my car. I ended up buying a knife about once a week. It was really hard to resist going to "get my reward" after a hard day's work. But I decided to stop buying knives in order to buy a house so I did it cold turkey and I haven't bought a knife in about two weeks and I bought my last one from the internet. However, when I get settled in, I'm going to reward myself with a really good one. Can't decide between the Busse basic #9 or Shinto Katana!!!
I don't collect knives; I accumulate them. The knives accumulate because I'm always on the lookout for something better. I like to have plenty of options for any situation. For example, if I feel like I need a large serrated blade on a given day, I'll replace the plain Goddard Lightweight for a serrated Endura. This means that I'll also trade the small knife I also carry--a serrated Delica--for a plain one to compensate. That makes four altogether: large and small, serrated and plain. If I'm going to be carrying in waistband (the kilt doesn't have pockets!), I'll opt for the Stryker. If I anticipate carrying the knife in my shirtpocket at some point during the day (as when sitting in the car or in a movie), I'll opt for something narrow and thin, preferably with a pivot-end clip, such as a Benchmade Leopard Cub or Mini Spike. Ah, but I've learned to appreciate the Spyder hole over right-hand-only thumb studs, so the Calypso Jr. has replaced the Leopard Cub and Mini Spike, although the narrower blades of the latter made them better paring knives, which is why I bought the Al Mar Falcon Ultralight, which, unfortunately, has neither Spyder hole nor pivot-end clip; but the clip IS right-left reversible! If I'm going to be cutting larger fruits, like watermelons or pineapples, I might opt for the Vaquero Grande. And of course I'll be irritated by the fact that the VG won't cut straigt due to the serrations, and I'll start shopping for something similarly large but with a plain edge. If I want an extra tough blade that still offers great cutting performance, I'll opt for the M2 AFCK, unless corrosion resistance is a factor, as when swimming, in which case I'm back to the serrated Endura. If I want an even tougher blade and don't mind sacrificing a bit of cutting performance, I'll probably have to buy something I don't already have, and here we go again. Of course no home should be without at least one kukri and a whole bunch of Frosts of Sweden knives for kitchen and toolbox, in both stainless and carbon varieties, as well as the usual assortment of steak and chef knives, and a multi-tool for every purse, briefcase, glove compartment and office, in addition to the one on my belt. If I'm going to be traveling by air, at least one of the multi-tools must have no serrated blade.

So you see, it's not that I'm stupid or crazy; I just have very specialized needs. Okay, maybe I am stupid and crazy, but not when it comes to knives. So far, I have never bought a knife I didn't plan to carry and use, or at least keep in a convenient place for an emergency.

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy knives, and knives make me happy.

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No! BF is our Great Temptation
!! With all those great reviews and all? Let alone the insiders scoops on new knives (sigh...). Nah...

I'm doing an average of 5-6 knives a month, and I think I haven't seen the worst of it yet. And I agree with Bob, knife shows are the worst places for a knife nut (and I thought I was in heaven...).

And oh, I found out that bringing along your spouse/girlfriend to knife shows is a good idea, they're here to stop us knife nuts from doing stupid things you know (or maybe that's not good? Oh well...).

BF.C is to us, like the liquor store is to an alcoholic. I think it could be worse, I tell my wife that I could spend our money on drugs, or spend it on gent' clubs, but I don't, I invest my money in to better things... like knives!
L8r, PR
I do not have a problem with buying knives. Knives are medicine. What I suffer from is iron deficiency anemia. Knives are better than Geritol. They contain lots of iron. I find the iron is best if taken in conjunction with vanadium.

Take two BG-42 or one 440V and call me in the morning.