Ode To A New Sebenza


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Oct 2, 1998
Okay, don't shoot me, but I posted this to that OTHER place too, but, hey, my cyber buds need to know this. Besides, it's a copy of an e-mail written a little bit ago during my initial rapture <g> :

All I can say is wow! What a knife! Perfect in every way, as far as I can see.
Lock up is rock solid, the blade is centered in the handle, and there isn't a flaw to be seen. The edge is what I have been told to expect from CRK, sharp, even, flawless. The action is smooth as silk.
(I know Bill, it has a clip! That can be remedied, though.)

(Think I like this knife? <g> )

The leather sheath is a honey. It is strong and sturdy, and ruggedly good looking. Well worth the investment when one considers what it is carrying.
The design includes protection over the inside of the snap, so the knife will not be marred during sheathing or unsheathing.

I have admired the Sebenzas I have seen that were carried by others, and the ones I have seen at shows. But there is something about the experience of owning one, especially one that was received through the channels mine was, that makes it all the more special and, dare I say it, even handsome. <g>
The reviews I have read about this knife are true, maybe even understated.
I am happy to join the legions of Sebenza devotees worldwide.

What concerns me though, is , can the "small" Sebenza and the Umfaan be far behind? <g> Well, the holidays ARE coming.

I'd like to thank all my friends who encouraged me to get this knife, Phil Jones for taking and placing the order, and Anne Reeve and Bridget of CRK who so unselfishly made sure that the knife was in my hands on my birthday.

I think I'll keep it. <g>


You guys are making me crazy with all this adoration of the Sebenza. I finally saw one in person recently in a store and now I've been bit by the bug. I touched and lusted in my heart. This now means that the top of my acquistion list has been jostled around, there is no justice

Anyone got the winning lotto numbers ?
As soon as he does a 6" version, it's mine.


I placed my order for a large today to (rolled my deposit for the MD Fat Lab Rat over to a Sebenza... not enthralled with the delivery schedule prospects having been #142 of those in the queue).

Looking forward to handling and using this classic. Have you or anyone else had their initials engraved on the titanium scales?


I have not explored the idea of having my initials or a design engraved on the Sebenza, but the idea had occurred to me.

Let me know what you find out.

I assure you that I won't be using my dremel tool to do it myself. There would be a howling and gnashing of teeth in Idaho for months to come.


Gene has e-mailed me to advise that Anne and Chris Reeve offer an engraving service (deep solid cuts) for a flat $25. The titanium is soft enough so that your local engraver can do the job but his tools won't go as deep as what the Reeves' use will.

Thanks, Bob.

Don't think I'll be sending it anywhere for a while. I like having it in my possession too much.

(who'd never seen one up close or
handled one before!)

Man, what do I say?!?!?!

It arrived at 8:45 but I couldn't pick it up until lunch time. Unpacking was a treat! Loved the signed "birth certificate": 19 August,'98 (just 4 days after my 51st). The size is perfect. Anything smaller would have disappointed me. And I expected a black or very dark finish perhaps because of some of those jpegs I found on the InterNet...oh how I love gunmetal grey!!! Beautiful!!! Again, I've seen pix but they don't do this puppy justice. I'm used to a titanium
liner with a surface area that you can spit at relative to this hunk of a bar that locks the blade open. Damn! No wonder you can stick it in a log and pound the back without fear of failure...this thing is STRONG!

Ergonomics are very good although this thumb stud has sharp grooves too to get used to. No biggie as you need a solid purchase
there. The wavy cuts on the slabs really make a difference and if you'll look at the bottom you'll find tiny grooves running the length of the slabs. All contribute to a nice feel as does the bead blasted surface.

The grain of the BG-42 is dazzling....I don't know that I'd like it mirror polished....will have to see a Buck Master Series for comparison. And sharp! Yup, no need to cover that as it equals advanced billing without a problem. Haven't cut much with it yet but the feel is definitely there! Very reassuring blade geometry. The
serrated ramp is the best executed I've seen yet....highly finished with absolutely no sharp edges or machining slips. Depth deceivingly shallow for as good a grip as it gives.

The lockup has that "snick" I like so much drawing the blade into the folded position mechanically over the last bit of travel. Nice 'n tight!! The purple bluish color of the anodized thumb stud will take
some getting used to; after all it's the only "real" color there
! Only one criticism, and that's with the extra hole drilled on the solid handle slab. Looks like it is a production expedient for use if the
model were to be a lefty. At this price point it spoils the overall appearance. It'd be nice to have something fill it in. (Yeah...picky, picky, picky!!!)

I carried it in my front right pocket with the Spydie Moran slip rig this afternoon....kind of a close fit unlike with my EDI Genesis I. Won't be doing that much anymore! The EDI Genesis I action is
every bit as slick as the Sebenza as they both use phosphore-bronze alloy washers and oversize, close tolerance bushings. That's no put-down of the Sebenza at all...the tweaked Genesis surpassed my customs including an Elishewitz!!! And the Sebenza is every bit as slick if not more; and keep in mind all the parts are much more massive
than the Genesis. Only my M5 Omega folder has a thicker blade albeit chisel ground CPM440V.

Now this isn't a knife given to flashy flick openings like some of the "tactical" folders. It instills a sense of purposefulness that
demands disciplined execution. This is plainly a brute and Chris has named it well: "work"!

I was somewhat apprehensive about a folder that you pocket blade point up, but there is no way this thing can stab you. The lockup in both open and closed positions is as positive as can be...that "snick" again is so reassuring of the great design employed. The excellent tight and secure pocket clip rides very high like the Genesis allowing
the fullness of the folder to be nestled in ones pocket.

Now I'm wondering why I've passed on the Sebenza in the past. No doubt I fell prey to the lure of those trendy, flashy tacticals. This is definitely a keeper and many of those past years acquisitions will simply gather dust, be given away or sold off! Now if I can only get my mindset adjusted to the idea of sending this back to Anne and Chris
for some engraving...... that's gonna be tough!

-=[Bob Allman]=-
Rapid City, SD

Sebenzas Rule !!!!!!!
Now, take it out for a steak dinner.
BTW, Blues and I both had our birth stones mounted in the spare hole in the back scale

Later, Bill
That's a neat idea about having a stone mounted there...but as a Leo in August I'll pass on my stone....a bit prissy
Who did you have do the mounting? A local jeweler or the Reeves or....????

I'm also an August guy.
Maybe that will help you better understand that I was taking a poke at Blues when I said we mounted stones in our Sebenzas. We didn't

Now, that hole is actually a SAGWADD, or in knife lingo, "South African Gravity Water And Debris Drain".
I do expect revenge.

Fishing for me?

Why I'm shocked, dismayed, and might I add, a little taken aback.

Actually, even though I'm born in October, I did manage to get Chris Reeve to install a diamond from one of his South African diamond mines in the hole.
Was perilous smuggling it all the way to Idaho just for my knife, but, they do go to unusual lengths to satisfy their customers.

You guys.......[g]

Jeez! Take advantage of an old, flu plagued, sleep deprived, bald, bearded guy prone to brain flatulance will ya?!?!?! Actually I thought the idea of plugging that SAGWADD with sumpin' had merit. Given the coloration of the thumb stud.......ah who am I kidding??? I took it hook, line and sinker!!! Doesn't happen all that often, so make a BIG entry in your journels!!

Damn! Sebenza fever turning me into a looney tune...........
Alright fellas, this has gone on long enough and it's just got to stop, RIGHT NOW. Those of us who are Sebenza challenged are starting to feel like second class citizens. It wouldn't surprise me if soon there was a special membership category for Sebenza owners (probably Mad Dog too). I suggest that affirmative action is needed and that all Sebenza owners should be levied to establish a fund which would provide Sebenzas to deserving, impoverished applicants. I would like to nominate myself as the first worthy recipient since, at current exchange rates, a large Sebenza would cost almost all my salary for one week and I am sure there is not one of you who could stand by and watch my two small children go hungry.

Looking forward to my first Sebenza with great anticipation

(who is basically just green with envy and overcome with lust)


I understand completely, which is what drove me to pick up one of these babies in the first place.

We're just helping you make your mind up faster. You already know you need to get one.

Clay: if you buy it and get a lifetimes worth of enjoyment from it, you can hand it down to one of your children for another lifetimes worth of enjoyment. Is that not worth the price of one weeks salary?
Yes, of course it's worth a week's salary. Even my wife can see that
. Hopefully next year I will have some extra cash and the exchange rate will be more favourable, until then I'll just keep on dreaming.


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A good knife to a man or a woman inclined to appreciate it holds as much or more status as china or silverware. Although I don't have sons, my daughters and theirs will end up with my knives, guns and other quality sporting goods.
I'm already sharing the various stories associated with these things so that there is more than an object to be inherited.
Hopefully, I'm creating value to those who don't fully understand what I like.

The man or woman that presents another with a good knife holds (and appreciates in) status as well.

Thanks (publicly) friend.