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Jun 21, 1999
Well, you know what they say..."birds of a feather..."

I figured that someone else out there other than myself has more than a passing interest in FRS radios. Am I off base here?

For those of you not familiar, FRS radios are those Motorola Walkabout-type radios.

I'm in the market for a pair (for hunting, skiing, etc.) From my understanding, there are "better" brands (than Motorola) out there (ICOM, Cobra, Kenwood, etc.)- it's just that Motorola marketed it better.

Does anyone have experience with them?
I got a few different brands and as far as reception I can't tell the diff in any of them

-Greg Johnson

I myself have been wondering about the Cobra radios. Anyone out there own any? And if so how do they compare to the Motorola's.
There is no better brand than Motorola. Those Walkabout things are crap though. Just a toy. Look to the Radius line for econo (GP350 is an excellent radio for the $$$) or the "Branded" line (big bucks) with the HT1000 (soon to be discontinued) or HT750 (awesome, small unit)

A. Dale McLean
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I've used the Motorola Walkabouts for a year at a previous job. I wouldn't call them junk, but they are decent for what they were designed for. Eventually, my employers realized some of their shortcomings and applied for a FCC license and invested in some Radius radios.

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