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Official Gunsite Knives

Dec 4, 1998
I know this topic was beat up a couple of weeks ago, and I am prepared to take a heap of abuse for bringing it up, but several forumites declared victory and went home inspite of proffered evidence. To the rest of you, I plead for your forbearance as some day you too might want to tilt at a windmill!

My point was that the Cold Steel Gunsite Knife is not the "first" official GS knife, no matter how badly some wanted it to be. Gunsite has not chosen to bring closure the question. My recollection of an official Gunsite BM AFCK prompted me to receive this response from BM...

Benchmade did put the Gunsite logo on our 800 AFCK models a few years ago with permission by Gunsite and I believe they were sold through the Gunsite pro-shop. I also believe that these knives were used and recommended by the instructors.

I believe Gunsite then modified their logo policy position and we elected to not continue.

Gunsite is one of America's premier training centers and I am sure that their instructors would recommend the best products for their programs and their clients.

I will try to call Dr. Jee and see what's up since we last spoke. Thanks for your support and the reminder!


Les de Asis
Benchmade Knife Co., Inc.

I don't particularly care which knife is the official GS knife--I have no vested interest in any company--but those of you holding your CS GS folder in your hand should know that you have the "current" official knife, not the first, and probably not the last.

There, I feel better. Now I think I'll have a cookie and go take my nap!