Oh, darn, more decisions.

Jan 14, 1999
I was just getting ready to on-line order my first >$100 knife (not counting my wonderful BF Native that hasn't arrived yet). I have wanted an M2 AFCK since I learned about them. They solved my biggest concern about the AFCK, that being tip strength. As I was leaving Bladeforums to one of its advertisers (100% unsolicited) I began thinking of what Fred Perrin had to say about the Spydie Wegner. (A Commander would be cool also, but with what they pay cops around here I could not replace it if I lost it in a foot pusuit, a favorite summer activity.)
In 2 weeks I am going to a blade class that my department puts on. They recommed the Cold Steel Voyager, but don't get me started. The biggest recommendations are a strong lock and blade design, one hand opening, tip up carry and a 4-5 inch blade. I think either knife would be an excellent choice, as 3.5 inches penetration should do me well.

What do you all think? Any help in this quandry would be greatly appreciated, as the standard advice of buy both is no longer applicable. The fresh pregnancy puts all blade purchases on hold after this X-mas.

thanks in advance

I suppose it's not an option to get the AFCK and tell them to forget their tip-up requirement? I'm firm in my conviction that a tip-down hole is faster with practice. Still, if they are going to be training you, I guess you need to use their techniques. You could also pick the AFCK and have it tapped to reverse the clip. Yeah, I really like AFCKs...

I bet a Benchmade 710 Axis would blow away their silly Voyagers, and serve you better as well. Its lock is much stronger, action is better, blade geometry is better (that either Voyager type), handle is stainless steel and G-10 instead of Zytel, and it is tip-up. Can be had online for a tiny bit less than an M-2 AFCK, as well.

For the more frugal, an Endura '98 would suit the role quite nicely as well. I think it's every bit as tough as a Voyager, with a better steel and much better serration pattern (if you so choose), reversible (left or right) tip-up carry, and a hole, which I find easier to locate than a stud when acting quickly. It'd also save you some cash. The Liteweight Goddard is at least as good a choice, too, and gives you a substantial integral guard.

May I be struck blind for saying this, but I'd even prefer a Vaquero or El Hombre to the Voyager. There is a lot of solid thinking behind that blade shape, though patenting it was out-of-line, as most of that thinking was done by other folks centuries ago.

If you feel that the training will somehow be geared to the Voyager, that's probably what you should get. But if it's less specific and they let you choose your own, i think you could do better with the Wegner, any of the knives I mentioned, and surely some others.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)

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Pat -- aside from the excellent recommendation of Corduroy, you might also want to check out the Pioneer or Carnivour folders with the strongest lock from Bob Taylor...
Love the Wegner. The AFCK is just too "abrupt" for me. The Wegner is much softer and warmer in the hand. Unless your primary use is, in fact, defense (and even maybe then...), I'd go with the Wegner in a heartbeat.
I can speak to both the REKAT Carnivore and the Spydie Military. Both are wonderful knives. The REKAT is 2 oz. heavier (3 vs. 5 oz.) and it has a"some strong" lock. The Military is lighter, is tip down and has a blade with great belly for slocing. The steels are, for me, a toss-up, the REKAT being ATS-34 and the Spydie being CPM440V. As I said, both are wonderful choices and are available at competitive prices.

Walk in the Light,
Do you guys have to have folders, or can you have the option of a small fixed blade? If so, a small FB in a good Kydex sheath would fit the bill really well. Chances of loss would be next to nothing. You can always have a kydex sheath made for a folder, too, which reduces the chances of loss. I make sheaths for fellow forumites, and just might be making a couple nice belt sheaths for a fella for his BM Axis locks. Contact me if you want to discuss some options such at these.

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