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OK, I'm a convert....

Oct 2, 1998
I've been collecting knives for about 4 months now. I've always bought small folders like my small Sebenza, BM 3500, mini-AFCK, and small Ascent. I thought the small size was perfect for my needs (opening mail, cutting up small cardboard boxes, and other light cutting chores.)

A few weeks ago I purchased a second mini-AFCK to replace the one my "friend" ruined when he tried to saw through metal. Doh! He said, "You mean it's not strong enough to handle metal? How much did you pay for that thing?" Sigh... Anyway, shortly after purchasing the new knife it developed some side-to-side blade play and rubbed the liner when opening/closing. The black coating began showing signs of wear, and tightening the pivot screw didn't help at all. I returned the knife to the dealer and checked out the other mini-AFCKs he had in stock. All exhibited this same phenomenom. He had a new BM Sentinel on special for $99, so I decided to pay the difference for my first "big" folder. After carrying it for a few days, I really began to like the size of it.

At this past weekend's gun and knife show, I purchased a M/A SOCOM with the clip-point, black coated blade. I love this knife. With the new AXIS and Pinnacle on the way, as well as many other fine knives of similar size, I think I'm gonna be a convert to the larger folders. (Although I don't think either of my bosses - at work or home - are amused by this fact.

Gee, what's next - fixed blades??? Hmm... I did see a few at the show that looked interesting.