Old AFCK and Cetan

Mar 20, 1999
I did a little CAMP work today and thought I'd let everyone in on how things went.
I was puttering around the yard and saw a squirrel creeping up to the house. My cat was stalking it so I thought I'd relax a moment and watch the huntress hone her skill. My daughter saw the cat, yelled at it to come to her, and in doing so scared the squirrel up a tree. Not wanting to deprive my beloved family cat of well-needed nutrition (she just had 4 kittens), I ran in the house, got my Browning .22 pistol (figured the .45 on my hip was overkill), and popped the squirrel in the neck. It ran down the tree and just hung there bleeding slowly on my wifes Hostas. I reached around the tree, slipped my Advanced Folding Combat Knife under the squirrel's neck, and with a quick little slash nearly took it's head off. I tried to skin and clean the squirrel with the Advanced Folding Combat Knife but I found it bit lacking in the "animal prep" dept. I kept cutting holes in the pelt or gouging the meat. No real control. I pulled out my Cetan and WOW, what a difference! The little Cetan was a dream, small enough for delicate up close work and razor sharp. No problems skinning with it. It made quick work of cutting off the furry tailed rat's feet and head and splitting the pelvis and rib-cage. No damage to the knife edge from the bones. It was still plenty sharp after cutting up the animal for the stew pot tomorrow.

I wish I had a Cetan as a lad, it would have saved me much heartache constantly sharpening my Shrade Sharpfinger while dressing small to medium game.

As far as my (old) AFCK, I am thinking that maybe upgrading to the new Advanced Folding CAMP Knife model will help out in the utilitarian dept. Any thoughts on that?
The cat had her part this afternoon. The family and I are going to have our part tomorrow.
The4th, considering the multiple meal nature of the animal, are you sure it was a squirrel?

What's the blade material on the Cetan? The Sharpfinger I thought had a decent high-carbon steel blade (1095?) so if the Cetan clearly outperformed the Sharpfinger that does say a lot for the Cetan.

If memory serves correctly, it was a squirrel. They do grow big out here in the woods, about the size of a med/small cat. Hey wait a minute....cat....hmmmmm.....nope it was a squirrel.

The "multiple meal" was the cat getting the innards and the outards (I ruined the pelt with my AFCK). I got the meaty parts.

Maybe I have just gotten better at sharpening knives since I was a Jr High/High school kid. My sharpfinger (still have it, by the way) just wouldn't hold the edge that the Cetan does. The Cetan in ATS34, but I think Mr. Simonich does one heckuva heat treat and freeze on it. It just doesn't like to get dull. Very little flex to the knife caompared to other small fixed blades that I own. I like my Sharpfinger for sentimental reasons and will most likely pass it along to one of my daughters or son(s? - wife is pregnant), but the Cetan is my new favorite! Until I get a Wambli.

Recommendation is to get your Wambli in Talonite too
! (As great a job as Rob does with ATS-34, the Talonite literally blows it away.) That little additional size of the Wambli over the Cetan seems to make a big difference to many folks. DC has commented that she though it to be the optimum size for a field hunter. Even Ron Hood's Talonite Kanji is of like size... his comment about it being the best feeling, best cutting, best etc is a strong statement given the hundred pounds or so of custom cutlery he owns.

'Course I'm biased as all get out with Wambli #1 being mine