On-Line Knife stores shipping to UK

Jul 14, 1999
I have been looking at various on-line knife stores, (specifically Knifecenter.com) and was wondering if anyone from the UK has ordered anything from these places. If so, how was everything and what happens when the package arrives in the UK as far as customs is concerned ? Is there anything extra that you have to pay ? As i have never ordered anything from USA before i was wondering if you foresee any potential problems.

I dont know if the particular knife makes a difference but just so you know i was looking at the EDI Genesis I. I have read some good stuff on this forum about this particular knife.



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I have ordered sveral items from knifecenter.com and discount knives earlier this year (last was in April I think). All of them were delivered promptly by EMS. I made all payments by credit card on their secure channels, no problems. The packages were usually marked 'tools'. I got stung by HM customs once. Paid a lot for handling charge, duties and VAT, but still worked out a few quids cheaper than UK firms. So, if you are willing to wait, go for it. Wish you good luck with the purchase.
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So far I haven't shipped any knives to the UK, but some Photon Lights went through OK by ordinary airmail.

Insured airmail is the most economical way to ship knives from the USA to Europe, and it may be less likely to be delayed, etc. by Customs than UPS, Fed Ex, etctera. I know that's how it's worked when knives come to me from Canada. The only time I got dinged for duty was when they came by private express.

If the customer is willing to accept a fairly low risk of loss in the mail, international airmail packages that weigh less than one pound, US measure, may be deposited in a US mailbox with correct postage, and I haven't had one come back to me yet for lack of a customs form.

I assume that the customer outside California and USA jurisdictions will obey tax laws and other laws at his/her end.

By the way, practically all knives that I or any other dealers sell, including kitchen knives and wee pen knives, are "suitable for combat" as defined in the UK Knives Act of 1997, and for that purpose I intend that this paragraph should be considered a knife advertisement or publication.

And I and any of the other usual suspects will be glad to sell a Spyderco Civilian as a gardening knife.

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