"One Knife To Live"

Feb 22, 1999
My first visit to this forum so i'd like to get an idea of what my new fellow knife enthusiasts think..ok,let's say that the federal government(or aliens,it really doesn't matter) came in and said that you could only keep one knife!all the rest were being confiscated period..you can choose to keep just one for all your needs such as defense,hunting companion,utility, whatever.The point(pardon the pun) is that you could only have one.Even though there is no one knife to suit all these needs,which one do you choose?? why?
Of the ones I presently own, I think it would have to be my Sebenza. However, if I had known it were coming, I would have gotten the large!

Of course, my Mad Dogs are still on order so I won't include them...


Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
Definitely a Spyderco folder.
Which one? Depends on lifestyle.
From the Executive to the Military, depending also on legislation.
The Calypso jr. might be just right for me as the best compromise (I don't have one now- since I can have more than one, I have smaller and larger knives)
Rob.L; as you have probably surmised, this is a fairly common question. Please peruse the thread, 'If you could have only one knife' below.

A common answer is a fixed blade, often a Mad Dog ATAK or pygmy ATAK. I prefer the latter, as while it is not as long as the ATAK, it is stronger, and could survive severe prying (although I don't think I could stress either one to near its' limit).

Hope this helps, Walt
one knife?


okit would be my socom i just traded for. its in the mail and my new baby is coming to me from nebraska priority mail.

for now and probably after the newness of the socom wears off it will be may BM975
Rob L.:
Are we assuming that all other existing knife legislation is to remain in affect? If not, my choice would be a fixed blade, with drop point and plenty of belly. Shape-wise, it might look a lot like the Fallkniven F1. If I had do live with a folder, it would probably be a Spyderco Military or perhaps the new Benchmade Axis Lock. Are lifetime warranties still in effect, so I can replace parts that wear out or break?

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David Rock
I wouldn't give up all except one. I'd be one of the thousands of those with a special stash buried somewhere. I'd turn in a few token knives for show, but that's it!
I would be surprised a govenment which will limit the number of knives you have will not ban some types.

Anyways my choice would be a Himalyan Imports WWII model. It chops well, cuts well, and has good reach as a weapon.

Rob. L are two small accessory knives that come with a khukuri considered seperate knives? If so I will take the khukuri.