Ontario Bagwell

Oct 12, 1998
I'm thinking about buying one, anyone practice w/ one yet?? What's the backcut??

I just got the "Fortress", the bead blasted blade. I haven't had the opportunity to really do anything with it. I was amazed when I picked it up. The knife feels great and well balanced. I was expecting it to feel much heavier. If the production knife feels like this, I would love to get my hands on one of Bagwell's handmades. That has to be incredible.
the Backcut is using the clip edge or secondary edge to cut with. It draws the cut and cutting object inwards. The old backcutters, the Bowie fighters used it to cut someone from the blindside..
Sabers (swords) use the back cut.
Many Filipino arts utilise the back cut!
a simple version can be seen by holding ones right fist, upward thumb raised, then rotate thumb and hand counter clockwise, the action of the thumb represents a simple back cut.