Ontario Knives / HI Sirupatis

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
Thanks to Rusty I recently got the chance to work over some knives by Ontario (Marine Raider Bowie, Survival Bowie, Bolo and Khukuri) plus two HI khukuris (15" and 12" Sirupati).

The description and initial impressions of the Ontarios can be seen here :


and for the HI Sirupatis :


I will be doing some extensive cutting with them over the next few weeks and will put the results up in the following page :


The chopping testing is mostly over and the results are being put up now. I will be moving on to the slicing tests hopefully this week, and will eventually get pictures up.

Seems like the Bowies might be the best deal from Ontario, from the initial impressions.
Cliff, even after all this time I continue to be amazed at your testing. You do incredibly good work. Remember, I'm an old flight test engineer so I appreciate good testing and meaningful results from the viewpoint of a professional and you continue to supply both.

You certainly have my thanks for the time you invest and the great work you do and I'll bet there are many others who share my sentiments.

Uncle Bill

Nice testing and commentary! I've had the chance to do some chopping of small branches of hardwood and softwood with my Ontario Survival bowie. I'd have to agree with your comments about it sticking. Now that I think of it, it probably has something to do with the grind.

I have just about finished putting up the chopping results and I added the spec. table so you can get a handle on the blade geometry. There are a couple of odd points. For example the Ontario khukuri is actually thicker right before the edge than it is at the spine. Someone explain that to me. I forgot to bring in the tip widths so I'll add them to the table tomorrow.

I'll be moving on to the slicing tests this week and it should be interesting to see how the different geometries perform as well as how the different steels take different edges.

I have pictures and eventually they will get up. I finally got around to developing half of the pics for the last test :


and will scan them in and put them up some time soon.

Thank you Cliff for taking so much time to do this in impressive fashion. Your documentation is thorough. I look forward to seeing the pictures and reading about the slicing tests.
The review is now updated to include the slicing tests and the main table now has the point thickness added as well the included angle of the cutting bevel has been calculated.

The review has now includes toughness testing on the Ontarios which resulted in some very strong performace and some surprising results.