Ontario's Bagwell Bowies

It is well-balanced, lightweight (as Bowies go, anyway), sturdy, sharp, good grind lines, and if you're looking for a fighting knife you can't beat it. I've handled a real Helle's Belle and the Ontario version and the only reason for the $900 price difference is that the real one was made by Bagwell. Get one from Ontario and you won't be disappointed.
I never heard of Bagwell until Mike Sastre mentioned his bowies to me. He mentioned the Ontario line which was very affordable compared to a custom Bagwell. The Helle's Belle is very nice IMHO for the $ - the ITWB sheath is great. The Stealth is cool, but I HATE the big bulky exterior sheath.
The fit and finish is excellant for a production knife - Bagwell wouldn't put his name on a product that wasn't up to snuff!

The Ontarior Bagwells have a good feel to them, kind of tip light/balance for tip speed. You can do some nasty backcuts with this baby. It is as long as a sword....LOL - you can get a BIG coverage area. Handle one if you get the chance - I like them.

Ray 'md2020'