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Ontario's Black Wind Swords

Aug 2, 1999
Anyone care to comment on these. I haven't had a chance to handle one yet, but I'm interested. Looks to be a good utilitarian blade.

I think that Cliff Stamp did a review of one a few months back. If you look fo one of his posts in the Knife Reviews form his site address may be there. I'm not real sure, but its worth a shot.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?

If you are thinking about one of the Ontario short swords, I suggest you consider a Himalayan Imports villager sirupati model as a higher quality/lower cost alternative. (You'll be able to find some recent pictures in the HI Forum.) I just received a 21 1/2" OAL sirupati (approx 15 1/2" long & 3/8" thick blade) last Friday & this puppy ROCKS! I posted a review in the HI forum. http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum26/HTML/000407.html



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I have a BW Katana and I love it.
The only think I do not like about the BW swords are the handles-black nylon paracord wrap. The handle just feels too wimpy. I refinished the handle on my BW Katana by taking the cord off and covering the handle with 4 tubes of QuickSteel epoxy putty. After it dried I dremelled, filed and sanded until I had a comfortable shape. To finish, I wrapped it with Wilson tennis racquet grip. The handle is very comfortable now.
I have really been into the bolo shaped blades as of late and just ordered a BW Bengal. It should be here in a week or two. As soon as I refinish the handle on it, I will post a review.

A very simple way to improve the BW sword handles is to add two layers of Cinelli Cork handle bar tape under the paracord. FWIW, my BW Katana is my favorite hedge trimming tool!
One thing about paracord, if you ever intend to use this thing as a weapon, you deserve to be warned that paracord will get real bloody and gross real fast.

I use a knife to dispatch boar. I know of whence I speak. That's why I've taken a shine to the Project 1. Steel handle doesn't absorb gore, one piece design makes it easy to disinfect.

It should be a simple matter to rehandle one of these things though, especialy with something like duct tape.
I gave a Malay to my Guro after I put on oak slab handles, and finished with Tung oil. Had to Dremel the sheath for the thicker handles, but it worked ok. -Brian